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January 05, 2005

on religion

Wow. A lot of different bloggers have posted about religion most passionately today. (or yesterday--- I can't sleep tonight.)

I am an athiest, but I have no problem with organized religion as long as it leaves me alone. I SEARCHED for my Religious Bone when I was in college--- I read the Bible a couple of times, I experimented with Buddism, I read the Koran and the Torah, I really tried to make sense of it all. I couldn't.

I still believe that God is a creature created from man's superstition and an easy way to explain the unexplainable. I see no problem with people embracing that superstition if it brings comfort to their lives. We all have a rough row to hoe, and I'm all for whatever gets you through the night.

But I do NOT like zealots of any kind. If you want to pray, do it in your closet. That session is supposed to be between you and God, not some kind of spectacle for others to witness. You can pity me, pray for me and mourn the loss of my immortal soul, but DO NOT attempt to evangelicize my ass. I won't listen and you'll piss me off. And if you believe in a God that tells you to kill other people in a Holy War, I'm sorry--- both YOU and your god are fucked up in MY humble opinion.

Religion can be a good thing. It puts a lot of people on the right track that wouldn't be there otherwise. It also provides comfort when the shit hits the fan in life. I am NOT anti-religion. I am anti-zealot.

I am just not a believer and I never will be.


Amen, brothah! Zealots are dangerous. They're never satisfied just being zealots...they feel that they need to force you into zealotry, too.
You and Queenie are my heroes tonight. Today. Uh. Whatever it is.

Posted by: Pammy on January 5, 2005 05:35 AM

Religious fanatacism is like a virus; it gets you when your "immune system" (sanity and rationality) are down, and turns you into a spreader. Henceforward it is your mission to infect others.

God is the Ultimate Conspiracy Theory.


Posted by: werbinox on January 5, 2005 07:25 AM

Perfectly written explaination of MY thoughts. And in just a few short paragraphs.Excellent work.

Posted by: haveayen on January 5, 2005 07:27 AM

Well said, A-man.

As a Catholic, we are commanded to "go, and make disciples of all nations," but we don't rally go in for the in your face proselytizing. It isn't our style, though we'll certainly help you along should you show an interest.

I will say, though (and this is NOT a criticism of you) that the one thing I dislike about many "atheists" is their sneering dismissal of my faith - the snide undercurrent that if only I weren't a frightened, superstitious, knuckle-dragging creationist, I wouldn't need to pray to some spook in the sky who doesn't even exist. I should, rather, believe in pure Reason (and we saw what happened to the French when that got put into effect).

If you don't believe, fine. One of us is going to be wrong on our deathbed. But I do you the courtesy of acknowledging your unbelief; please have the same courtesy regarding my faith.

Again, not directed at you, A-man, but a reaction to others I have known.

Posted by: Ripper on January 5, 2005 08:58 AM

- sorry, "really" go. D'oh!


Posted by: Ripper on January 5, 2005 09:00 AM

As a christian, and a believer in God, although of no particular denomination, I say bravo, A-Man. Couldn't have said it better myself.

Posted by: Anthony L. on January 5, 2005 09:59 AM

Maybe there are people out there who never would find the help they need unless they were approached by a believer. That person, evangilizing, doesn't know who is interested and who isn't until they ask. If you're interested then open the door (figurativley.) If you're not, a polite "not interested" is acceptable. Also, I think that the (what is it? 10 or 12) step plan that has helped a lot of alcoholics refers to a devine being for guidance.

Posted by: Woody on January 5, 2005 10:35 AM

...which is why I didn't like that sign! I draw a distinction between theological debate (as we've had) and Bible thumping brow beating.

As far as prayer goes, I prefer to pray in private, and I don't want anyone ASKING me about my relationship with God. That is private.

However, I will defend someone else's right to pray in public if they feel the urge. Even a ninth grader bowing in a public school before an exam or a game. Separation of church and state was intended to further freedom, not restrict it.

Posted by: Key on January 5, 2005 12:21 PM

No sweat. Got it under control. You're in the groove. You may not believe in ME but I certainly believe in YOU!

Posted by: God on January 5, 2005 01:07 PM

Try the Tao Te Ching. It works for me.
And read Richard Yates. LOL! And listen to Steve Earle/John Prine disciple: Chris Knight! God, everytime I listen to Chris Knight - well, I think of you.
Especially so: "Down the River."
"I put a bullett In his head -and we went down the river."
I think of you and DAX everytime I hear that line. LOL!
be well budd

Posted by: D. Lee on January 5, 2005 02:54 PM
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