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December 29, 2004

too rare

Bullshit lawsuits are the bane of every business in this country, and the bigger the business, the more bullshit it attracts. My brother deals with this crap all the time, and he can tell you stories that'll curl your teeth about professional slip-and-fall bandits, auto insurance fraud-meisters and other scumbuckets who scam our legal system for a quick buck.

Usually the pissants get paid, too--- because it's less expensive to pay a lying bastard $5,000 and have him go away than it is to fight a bullshit case in court. But it doesn't always go that way.

Under oath in a deposition, Gregg claimed a stranger, Charles Maxwell, had approached him after the fall and volunteered that he had warned the restaurant's management only 15 minutes before that the floor was slippery. The foundation for injury compounded by negligence now laid, McDonald's agreed to settle the case through arbitration. An arbitrator awarded Gregg $30,000.

Thirty grand isn't a bad haul for a con-artist. But this one got greedy.

Instead of being $30,000 wealthier, Gregg is spending 30 days in jail. Apparently, he got greedy and, as the Associated Press story wittingly related, decided he wanted to "supersize" that arbiter's judgment. He appealed and requested a jury trial, which was supposed to start last week.

Meanwhile, McDonald's in apparent preparation for that trial, discovered that Gregg and Maxwell were no strangers at all, but rather close acquaintances. Maxwell had been Gregg's employer and they had obtained a previous fraudulent claim from Geico Insurance after claiming their cars collided in late 2002.

Heh. If the thieving bastard had been content with his original ill-gotten gains, he would have walked away with $30,000 he didn't deserve. But he saw that the scam was SOOOO EASY that he went for more. The crook got caught this time. Justice was served.

But that kind of case is too rare today.


I just saw on the news where a Oklahoma policeman who had a sex change a few years ago is now suing the police dept for sexual harrassment. That is too funny for words.

Posted by: Mr. Magoo on December 29, 2004 12:51 PM

Companies have themselves to blame (or at least their legal counsel). While it may be cheaper to settle one case when you look at that case in isolation, settling just encourages the bastiges.

First, sniff out those cases where you done wrong, admit it and pay out what's fair. Fight out every case that smells. Investigate every bm the guy ever had. Drag out things until his lawyer goes bust. File complaints with the bar.

Millions for defence, not a penny for tribute.

Posted by: M1A1 on December 30, 2004 08:33 AM
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