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December 28, 2004

i'll show you!

I've written before about what I think of unions. I don't like them, I don't like the union mentality and I don't like the kind of thugs they tend to pick for leaders. The Union philosophy is simple: "We don't want to work."

I suspect that the union at US airways is about to get exactly what it wants. With their asses chapped over proposed pay cuts and a reduction in benefits, the union attempted to cut the throat of its bankrupt employer with a "sick out" over the Christmas weekend.

BRILLIANT!!! That stunt probably sounded the death knell for the airline. Thus, the union managed to scorn reduced wages and lower benefits in favor of NO FUCKING JOB AT ALL. Boy, they showed managment something.

The union denies an organized effort in the sick-out. I deny calling them lazy, no-good sacks of shit. We're even. We're both lying.

Unions seem to believe that "The Company" pays their wages. That's not true. CUSTOMERS pay their wages and any company without customers has no money to pay wages. So, who did the union screw? THEIR CUSTOMERS!

No wonder unions are dying off like dinosaurs.


Had a situation near here at the Chrysler/Kraut Bastard plant in Belvidere, IL (it's about 10 minutes from my house).
Their wages and benefits are locked in until 2007 so that wasn't an issue. They voted down a contract involving work rules and safety shit. From what I read, one of the things that irked the "brotherhood" was the fact that **GASP** they may be expected to do several different tasks during the same work shift instead of being assigned one work area per day and left there, even if the work gets done in that area. What a fucking joke.
The Belvidere plant is closing down the Dodge Neon line and was planning on areplacing it with a
SUV line and maybe even a second line, adding 1000 jobs. All that almost went into the shitter becuase of this vote.
Union management had a revote after "extensive discussion with the union members" (IE: Telling the dumb assholes that they'd be losing their fucking jobs if they didn't vote yes) it passed by 91%.
Unreal. Of course if someone wanted to pay me $20/hr to push a fucking broom I'd dive on that job, go back to school and finish my degree (then go get a real job), but that'll never happen because you don't get a job at Chrysler unless you're related to someone working there. It's one big good ol' boy network.

Posted by: Graumagus on December 28, 2004 12:07 PM

Similar thing happened at Kingsport Press (TN) back in the early 60's. IPP&AU (Pressmen's union) went on strike, shut the plant 90% down. Months of negotiations led to a resolution of sorts. When the CEO of KP met with the union officials to sign the new contract, the union boss said "I told you we'd bring you to your knees". The CEO stood up, ripped the contract in pieces and threw it in the union guy's face.

They proceeded to hire all non-union people and prospered for many years.

True story.

Posted by: Wayne on December 28, 2004 12:47 PM

Hey Acidman, first, congrats on making it 3 years. Now on with the show.

The greedy tactics that unions are taking piss me off, HOWEVER, the original IDEA behinds unions was a noble one:

Force greedy companies to pay fair wages, provide a safe work environment, and ensure their employees have the chance to retire and still be in one piece health-wise.

What they have become is dispicable. I sometimes wish the company were I work was a union-shop. Here's why:
They continue to raise health insurance premiums to the point where it's almost not worth it(I know, bad example due to "rising costs" or so the insurers say), raises are firmly kept below the rate of inflation (raise 1Ĺ% - inflation 3%=1Ĺ% net pay cut), and tend to do other unsavory things that seems to benefit upper-level management. But for the most I am thankful, that I have a job. I have made it through 3 rounds of layoffs in 5 years.

If unions were to return to their origins, I doubt there would be as much disdain for them as there is.

Posted by: Bulldog on December 28, 2004 04:31 PM
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