Gut Rumbles

December 23, 2004

a christmas poem

Jackie lay in his bed late Christmas night
Full of excitement, tinged with some fright--
He'd been just as good as a good boy could be;
At least he had tried-- surely Santa could see.

He regretted torturing the neighborhood cat
But Santa liked reindeer-- he could ignore that
Jackie thought of the rock that he threw in a fit
It wasn't that window that he meant to hit.

Jackie worried, he fretted, like all little boys
He recalled all his sins while he wished for new toys
But deep down inside, he knew in his soul
The morning would bring him a big lump of coal.

He remembered it all, both the bad and the good
And he weighed it all closely, the way Santa would
The scale seemed well-balanced; it tipped neither way
Would Jackie have anything on Santa's sleigh?

Jackie wasn't THAT bad--not as bad as his brothers
Not as bad as young Mickey, not as bad as some others
In fact he'd been GREAT, for an entire year
Santa would come with his tiny reindeer.

But what if he didn't? Imagine the shame
If checking that list Santa struck through his name?
"There's Jackie and I know everything that he's done
If I need to scratch somebody, he'll be the one."

Some time in that longest of longest of nights
Young Jack fell asleep with his fists balled up tight
If he woke in the morning, after Santa passed by
And he had no presents, he wouldn't cry--

He'd play with his brothers and not shed a tear
While promising himself to do better next year
Santa, I'm sorry for some things I've done
If you leave me a present, I'll settle for ONE.

Jackie slept through the night while the wind in the willow
Made sleigh-bell sounds in his head on the pillow
And dreaming, he heard clatter of hooves on the roof--
And when he woke in the morning, there it was---THE PROOF!!!

Do you believe in magic? I once did.


Here's wishing you a blessed Christmas and a prosperous 2005 year ahead!

Posted by: Avid reader from Singapore on December 24, 2004 04:48 AM
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