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December 22, 2004

maybe i over-reacted

I hope I did not offend Kim and Connie du Toit with a post I wrote below. That certainly was NOT my intention, but when I read what cranked me into rant-mode in the first place, I didn't bother to research anything except my gut, and that was a mistake.

I should have checked the thread before I exploded.

But I didn't, and I apoloigize for that error, but meant every word I said. One of the things about the loony left that chapped my ass to a fare-thee-well before and after the last election was all the "OUR CIVIL RIGHTS ARE GONE!!!" and "JOHN ASHCROFT IS THE ANTICHRIST!!!" bleats those fucktards kept spouting.

Where did the REAL threat to your civil liberties come from? Huh? Let's see... gun control, "diversity," class-warfare, unequal rights, zero tolerance, hate crimes, political correctness, shitty public schools, tax-the-rich, and villify the successful... the list goes on and on. And EVERY ONE OF THOSE IDEAS came from the left, not the right.

Who really wants to dictate not only your behavior, but your thoughts as well? .


Skipping your meds again I see!!!

Posted by: WarWagon on December 22, 2004 02:23 PM

I feel your pain. LOL! Some time ago, I fired a hefty salvo at your ass for remarks concerning: "Greatest Generation - My Ass."
I was shit-faced drunk -No Excuse- but a fact, and had not long returned from hauling my WWII vet dad to the cancer ward of a local VA Hospital.
Goddamn... your post chafed my ass! And yes, I am still drunk. But less drunk than the previous post.
I still disagree with you, but I could have made my point after a fashion of reason, instead of a wacked version of chain saw logic.
Like you: I apologize for the rant... but meant evey word I said.
I have been reading your site for sometime, and I gotta ask... you guys are always talking about "great" writers... yet I never see Richard Yates mentioned here(?)Given the high volume of posts concerning alcohol, and your your own turmoil with women... this astounds me!!!
READ: "Revolutionary Road!" -If you can find it! I know Tennessee Williams scoured book stores and purchased every copy possible for "special writing students" but there are a few remaining to be had.
Just Jesus guys! Do a search for Richard Yates. God!!! How I hate to see great writers fall into a Black Hole.
D. Lee

Posted by: D. Lee on December 22, 2004 04:14 PM
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