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December 21, 2004

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I have several things to say about this post and none of them are particularly flattering to government. I know good and well that MY name is on some kind of list, because I am searched, scanned, hasseled and fucked-with every time I go through a customs line at an airport. The authoriries never FIND anything (and they never will---- because I AM NOT A CRIMINAL) but when they scan my passport, it sets off red flags like popcorn popping. I go to the "Group W" bench every time for a lesson in humiliation.

I don't like the way they treat me, but I remain polite and cooperative with whatever they ask me to do. I can't fight 'em and win in the airport and I never want to create any trouble I don't already have. They play the tune and I dance to it.

He got stopped in a routine traffic stop (his account of it is very confusing). He was armed (he has no CHL) with a firearm, openly carried, and unloaded (the clip was next to him though). In WA state, this is apparently legal ("open carry"), even in a vehicle.

He escalated the situation by challenging the officer on the traffic law involved, then on the carry law, etc. The officer then called for backup and Jason was arrested in a high-risk stop procedure, and held in jail overnight.

Jason's troubles started when he imagined himself capable of convincing the officer of the folly of his erroneous position. My 25 years of police work and 61 years of life tells ME that such a street conversion is unlikely to succeed, so unlikely that it doesn't bear trying.

Don't EVER do that. I don't care if you are TOTALLY in the right at the time. Argue with a cop, and you're asking to go to jail. Take whatever shit they dish out, take it like a man, keep your fucking mouth shut and fight it in court later if you believe that you were wronged. You cannot win a lip-contest with a cop. Don't even try.

None of this is the reason I wrote this post, however. Mrs. DuToit was obviously horrified as to the way her comments section was being used to promote extreme and violent ideas, so she gutted the post and deleted all the comments.

Mrs. DuToit doesn't write much about guns, but her husband, Kim DuToit, is the most prolific and widely-read gun blogger around. He is a mega-blogger. The DuToits are now worried about their position and their wide readership being interpreted to mean, to those who feel threatened about such things (read: the BATFE and all the lefty government hacks who worry about guns for a living), that she and Kim might become targets for some government action or other.

I hope the Du Toits are mistaken, but I can understand their worry. ANYBODY who voices a strong opinion about ANYTHING contrary to the sheeple mentality government wants "good" citizens to have is a potential target for government harrassment. That's what government DOES, for crying out loud, when its not busy picking your pocket to give your money to somebody who never worked for it. Government is a brute force, and it attracts brutes who love that kind of job.

If you don't believe that government is capable of outright thuggery, worse than anything an individual thug can do, you are a fool.

This blog cost me my job. Do you know why? Some things I wrote scared the shit out of a multi-BILLION dollar corporation, because they worried about getting in trouble with THE GOVERNMENT if they kept me on the payroll. That shit wouldn't look good in a court of law if the EEOC got involved. So, they dropped me like a hot rock to protect their asses from THE GOVERNMENT.

That's a MULI-BILLION DOLLAR CORPORATION, folks. THEY were scared shitless of the government. If government can cow THEM, what do you think government can do to a lonely individual if they put him in the crosshairs? That is not a pretty thought.

I love my country, but I FEAR my government. Yeah, I "beard the lion" frequently on this blog, but I fully understand the risks I take when I do it. I may be hauled off to jail some fine day for something I WROTE, right here in the land of the First Amendment. We fought a Revolution over that idea, but the government our founders fought and died for can and WILL do that to you today.

I enjoy Kim Du Toit's blog. He is an excellent writer and I like his appreciation of firearms and his knowledge about them. Hell, the boobage he posts isn't bad, either. The Mrs. strikes me as wonderful woman. I believe that the two of them together are one hell of a lot less dangerous to me and my personal freedom than Hillary Clinton is. Kim and Connie may lecture, but they AREN'T going to kick in your door and FORCE you to do what they suggest.

Government WILL. And it DOES, every farooking day.

I understand Rivrdog's concern, because I know that he's not a wing-nut, black-helicopter-seeing, conspiracy-minded flake. He's the kind of person I would like for a neighbor.

So, I have to ask a simple question: isn't it tragic that he even thought to write that post in this "land of the free and home of the brave?" Isn't it ALSO tragic that I read the post and felt compelled to write about it myself? Does that fact say something terrible about Rivrdog, me or the du Toit's?

Or does it say something about government?


This post is why I keep coming back!

Posted by: J.Thomas on December 21, 2004 09:57 PM

Yeah, I read Riverdog's full account so far. He seemed to have precipitated it by legally open-carrying around town within the days previous to his arrest, including going into a bank. Naturally he drew some attention, starting with a 911 call. He barely extracted himself on that day.

If de polices stop you, you can easily be arrested. I've been arrested even when they didn't stop me, but were rather saving me from carbon dioxide poisoning, as they claimed., as in the Lynn Anderson case, it sounds like.

I don't really blame the police per se.

The famed Liberal empth, John Perry Barlow, is now affronted because he got busted trying to take his favorite drugs on board when flying. Now he thinks his 4th amendment rights were violated due to the Patriot Act. The Igoramus was unaware that there is no 4th amendment in play when you board a plane. Did he miss 9/11?

Illegal violations of the 4th have been occurring for a long time prior to 9/11, which he also was totally ignorant of, being a Liberal, and all.

The DuToits should also know the jeapordy involved by being vocal. This has gotten me into some trouble, too, but I emerged stronger and more fit for battle.

But as Krishnamurti noted, "Truth is a pathless land'", and he said get ready for deep shit once you start on this path. Keeping in mind that "It is a good day to die" sometimes also helps.

It is not nice to fly over the Cuckoos Nest, and the Nestlings get very upset and will tell Mommy if you turn a hair, impeding your very attempt at lift-off. The Terrorists are only a larger version of the thought-racist Vultures. My apologies to the Vultures. I should have said Zombies, or something, but now they too will soon be tromping on the porch.

Posted by: Ga-ne-sha on December 21, 2004 10:33 PM

Argue with a cop, and you're asking to go to jail. ...It took two times for me before I understood.

Posted by: frank on December 22, 2004 08:33 AM

He got stopped in a routine traffic stop (his account of it is very confusing).
Actually, his account is very straight-forward. The perceived confusion stems from the situation leading to his being pulled-over by the cop which makes for a very non-routine traffic stop.

My dealings with police officers have been, overall, not terrible. They've generally been more professional than not. But while I've generally considered myself pro-law-enforcement, shit like this puts me closer to the "fuck da po-lice" crowd. And they're hardly the crowd with which I wish to associate.

You're right, though; court is where one airs a grievance with the police and not beside his patrol car.

Posted by: D.J. M.B. on December 22, 2004 11:21 AM
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