Gut Rumbles

December 21, 2004

another chapter

christina had a brain-fart thunk a thought one day. She had the idea of persuading a few bloggers to write a Blog Novella, with each blogger contributing one chapter, picking up where the last one left off to create... well, blog-fodder.

I was flattered to be asked to participate, but I really didn't expect much from the project. I was mistaken.

chapter five is out, fresh from the twisted mind of Velociman, and he has either raised the bar or shoved it right up the ass of mr. helpful, who must now write the last chapter.

If you haven't been following this project, go read it all. Every chapter has a distinct set of fingerprints (or drool) on it and the whole thing is shaping up nicely. Christina picked the right sick fucks for the job.

It's really not a bad story. I'm just happy that I don't have to write that last chapter.

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