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December 17, 2004

what's the big deal?

This story was all over the news today. Wimmen, especially, seemed breathless to learn the outcome.


And if I piss people off with what I say next, I don't give a shit. We need a good bitch-slap in the face for our misplaced priorities in this country. It's "the hand of God" that the baby "fetus" was found alive?

That baby was still a month short of the deadline for a partial-birth abortion.


It's a good point Rob, but here's the difference: The fetus breathed air, making it a human. To those on the wrong side (IMO) of the Partial Birth Abortion debate, this is critical. You see, if they can kill it before it breathes, then its not a human and has no rights. That's why only the crown of the head can come out before they puncture the skull and remove the brain, so the "fetus" can't breath and become a human. One minute, its "choice", the next, its "murder". A fine line for some, but not for me.

Posted by: Frank on December 17, 2004 07:20 PM

I'd love to see an honest investigation into how many victims of partial birth abortion did manage to draw a breath, but the doctor just whispered an obscenity under his breath and committed the procedure anyway.

Mustn't let those pesky brats interfere with the ol' cash flow.

Posted by: McGehee on December 17, 2004 07:33 PM

And God let some fucking sick mutherfucker
cut that baby outta that woman, too. What
does that prove?

Posted by: BJK on December 17, 2004 10:11 PM


Posted by: wes jackson on December 18, 2004 03:53 AM

Frank-- great point. So 3" defines what a human being is?? That's fucked up. What I mean is if they pull the baby out 3 more inches it could breathe air and by their definition be a real human. Insane.

Posted by: DaneBramage on December 18, 2004 11:16 AM

BJK -- The abuse of freewill is what killed that woman, not God.

Posted by: DaneBramage on December 18, 2004 11:18 AM
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