Gut Rumbles

December 03, 2004


I check my site meter and I discover that several people from are reading me every day. I wonder if that's the Legal Department of Kerr-McGee checking up on me or just some of my old compatriots fucking off on the computer at work.

Either way, I am grateful for the traffic.


Yeah, I had something similar in a site I put up slamming an ex employer. It got REALLY funny when during a deposition, they accused me of certain things, and I just pulled out my site stats to show what their firm had viewed, and when, and what they had downloaded. The look on that one lawyer's face was priceless ...

Posted by: maggot on December 3, 2004 10:04 PM

Could also be your bitch ex showing everyone, "Look! He's having SEX WITH WOMEN IN COSTA RICA!!!"

You know your ex-co-workers are enviously calling you a sumbitch. I'd smile about it!

Posted by: cythen on December 4, 2004 02:37 AM
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