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November 14, 2004

the hostile work environment

Sexual Harassment law is a grotesque, confusing piece of feel-good legislation that ENCOURAGES feel-bad behavior in the workplace. It caters to the most sensitive, neurotic whinebags in society at the expense of sane, well-adjusted people. It's also a fucking WEAPON, wielded by the venal and the vindictive to punish an employer.

She was hired to be a writers' assistant, to take copious notes while the high-powered writing team brainstormed for the show. But Lyle said her excitement soon gave way to feelings of degradation when the writers' conversation grew raunchy. At times, she said, she felt nauseated.

Did she quit? Did she say, this is just too disgusting for MY tastes and go find another job? Of COURSE not!

After being told she was being fired for typing too slowly, Lyle filed a sexual harassment lawsuit against Warner Bros. Television Productions, Inc. and the producers and writers she had worked under for four months in 1999. She alleges that they created a hostile work environment.

Poor, delicate little flower. The language spoken by professional comedy writers was just too much for her fragile psyche to handle. Therefore, comedy writers should speak ONLY in ways that fit Lyle's precise, anal-retentive rules, and to hell with everybody else.

Bejus! Do you know how long this woman would last at a Jawja Blog-Meet? She'd dissolve into a quivering puddle of jello before we even got to the Home Made Wine. That bunch I party with could put Hollywood comedy writers to shame when it comes to raunchy language and sexual double-entenders. And THOSE are our WIMMEN. The guys are even worse.

I've got no sympathy for people who file these kind of lawsuits. In fact, I wish the judge would stand up in court, raise his robe to reveal nothing underneath, shake his wang at Lyle and say "I've got your hostile environment RIGHT HERE, BITCH!"

But that's just MY humble opinioin of sexual harassment law.


She'd probably get along just fine at a Jawja Blogmeet. No millions to be made from "sexual misconduct in the workplace" lawsuits.

Posted by: Pammy on November 14, 2004 05:02 PM

I hear you.

My ex mother-in-law made multi-millions in the consulting world when women weren't as prominent in the workplace as they are now.

She summed up her success thusly: "You have to be aggressive and think like a man. There is no room for emotion when making multi-million dollar deals."

Posted by: rightisright on November 14, 2004 05:07 PM
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