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November 12, 2004

no thank you

I don't want one of these on my vehicle. The got-dam government has plenty of files on me already. They don't need a Black Box in my car recording every move I make.

EDRs are certainly not new. Information gathered on black boxes ó typically everything from speed, brake pressure, seat belt use and air bag deployment ó has already been used in determining guilt in criminal and civil cases across the country.

Proponents, including the NTSB and road safety advocates, say the data collected on these black boxes is valuable for studying how accidents happen and how to make roads and cars safer. EDR data has been used for years to fine tune air bag efficiency.

Obviously, EDRs are such wonderful devices that the government should MANDATE that one be installed on every new car, no matter what it costs and no matter whether the consumer wants it or not. Big Brother government wants that information about you to HELP you.

Sure it does. Let's mandate Black Boxes in every new home or apartment built from now on, too. Think of how much more helpful the government could be if it could monitor everything you do at home, 24-7. Doesn't that idea make you feel safer already?

If I ever am FORCED to buy a car with a Black Box on it, I'm sure that I can find a clever guy to disconnect it for me. And I will.

Government has no business doing this kind of shit.


Well that will create a new industry of people finding a way to wire around the little black box. I will never buy a vehicle with ONSTAR either, just another way to track everyone. I am beginning to wish computers would just go away.

Posted by: James Old Guy on November 12, 2004 01:32 PM

This OnStar-related story is a year old, but it's a good read, nevertheless. This isn't just fodder for Art Bell's show; paranoia is justified in this case.

Posted by: D.J. M.B. on November 12, 2004 06:38 PM
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