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November 11, 2004

more blog wisdom

When I don't feel like writing, I surf blogs to see what other people are thinking. I find some really creative, concise and almost coherent Bits of Wisdom out there.

* "USMC: Only branch of the military conceived, created and formed for battle ... in a Bar!" No wonder they're such bad-asses, courtesy of this blog.

* ďNow heís dead, his eyes are open.Ē You had to be there, via dax Montana.

* "lots of people have suddenly decided that this place is about as appealing as the men's room in the Port Authority Bus Terminal." So sayeth jim, in a complaint unto his Site Meter.

* "There is nowhere else in the world for conservatives to go." That's why we're staying here. Brutal honesty from kim.

* "The CBS Manifesto: We know what the truth is -- what difference does it make if the facts don't support it?" I gotta meet this guy some day.

* "Lord, I love a man on a horse. Or a Harley." Uh... how about a riding lawn mower? Sometimes she makes me feel funny in my pants.

* "Well it's Saturday night and I aint got no money." Been there, done that. Via snug Harbor.

* "Just die dammit! Die you filthy, corrupt murdering bastard." the ville echos my sentiments about Yassir Arafat.

* "Arafat, in a gesture of love and respect for cheated should-be President John F. Kerry, nobly "reports for duty" in Heaven, even asÖ.oh, Christ, I canít go on, I canít bear it. *sniff, sob*". Mike, at cold fury breaks down with grief. I feel his pain.

* "You may be suffering Post-Election Selection Trauma, my friend. There ainít no cure. A group of PEST victims are meeting today in Sydney; please assist their recovery by laughing, singing, and otherwise expressing joy." I'll do MY part. Via tim blair.

* "I considered not showering for a week or two, but that would just be too gross and unfair to the rest of the household." I don't know why I picked this quote. I just DID. I think wimmen smell GOOD when they're just a little bit on the funky side. That scent stimulates my primordial instincts and gives me an intense urge to mate. No, darlin' that's not a proposition. It's just the usual filth spewing from my corrupt mind.

* "THIS is the biggest pile of steaming crap I have read this week." That's really saying something in the blogosphere, but I think stoney was pissed.

If anyone I linked believes that I took any of these quotes out of context, well... you can just bite me. You wrote it, and I borrowed it. You can have it back now.

I'm finished.


Hey, thanks for coming by, big guy.

Posted by: Stoney on November 11, 2004 08:35 PM

Well, Darlin', let me put it this way...

If a lawn mower is good enough for George Jones, it's good enough for me.


Posted by: Stevie on November 11, 2004 08:47 PM

My sentiments about Arafat, too. Although I really wanted to do him with my Fairbain-Sykes knife...

Posted by: Chase on November 13, 2004 07:59 PM
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