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October 24, 2004

Democrats can't govern

After living more than half of 100 years, I believe that I have learned a few things about human nature. We have a lot of really shitty people in this world. These folks aren't shitty because of poverty, a lack of international coalitions or because WE are evil. They are just plain shitty people.

Democrats believe that we should "reach out" to shitty people. I don't. You're NEVER going to change a shitty person into a saint by groveling at his feet. If you do THAT, you just showed him that being shitty WORKS for him, and he'll be even MORE shitty after that.

Democrats seem to believe that if we all get together in a group-hug, sing "Kum-Ba-Yah" around a campfire and raise taxes, the world will be a better place. Their mindset is that there ARE no shitty people on the world... only people that we don't understand.

Oh, they'll vandalize Republican campaign headquarters and throw cream pies at Ann Coulter, but that's not shitty behavior, at least not to them. See... there ARE no shitty people in the world. And if you do really shitty things for THE CAUSE, it's not shitty anymore. It's just a natural reaction that any sane, logical person would take given the same circumstances (Yeah. I've been a vandal and pie-thrower all of my life). The shitty people take refuge in the excuse that the act was too deeply rooted in morality for most people to understand.

Democrats believe that we are stupid because we don't understand shitty people. We're not. THEY ARE. But they believe that behaving like a religious cult, forgiving shitty people for being shitty, and gazing at your own navel to understand why some people are shitty is a GOOD thing, for everybody. I don't.

Those mindless zealots scare the shit out of me.


Seems to me the mindset of "it's OK to do shitty things for the cause" is only a few steps below "I'll go to heaven and get 72 virgins if I get on the bus full of civilians and blow myself up with them"

sure... what a wonderful world it would be if we could be free to harass and kill our enemies because they don't agree with us.

Holy Bejus

Posted by: Knine on October 24, 2004 12:58 PM

Very good point KNINE.

Posted by: Christine on October 24, 2004 01:43 PM

The trouble with liberals is they aren't. They will harrass, torment, and coerce their contemporaries for the presumed good of future folk they will never know.

As the purveyors of religion, they never have to deliver on the golden promises by which they have such high opinions of themselves.

Posted by: Brett on October 24, 2004 07:38 PM

Talk about shitty people and behavior! I've read your stories!

Posted by: A on October 25, 2004 12:16 AM

hey can give away the working man's money . I hate them, in the last 28 years we, us Americans, have taken one step forward and two steps back, everytime a Democrat takes office, Vote Bush and help save us, Cat.

Posted by: Catfish on October 25, 2004 01:33 AM
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