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September 28, 2004

pulling weeds

When I had the mini-farm and planted my half-acre garden, I enjoyed pulling weeds. I would go out there on a Saturday morning, sit in the dirt and weed my garden. It was wonderfully mindless work after a week in the chemical plant. I could hum a few songs, get dirt under my fingernails and enjoy the sunshine on my bare back. The goats always came over to the fence hoping that I would throw them something good to eat. Sometimes, I did.

I liked playing in the dirt and I was very good at growing vegetables. I was proud of my garden. And I enjoyed pulling weeds. I could pull weeds for hours and not get bored.

I haven't planted a garden for two years now, and I may never do it again. I just don't have the want-to anymore. I ended up giving away almost everything I grew from my last garden, and that's a lot of work to give away. Fuck it. If I want vegetables, I'll buy them at the grocery store.

But I still pull weeds. I do it every day using MT Blacklist to rid my site of spammers. They keep coming back, but I keep getting rid of them, deleting their comments and snatching them out by the roots. It's relaxing, mindless work that I enjoy doing, and I don't even need a hoe to do it. Just point and click. Goodbye to YOU and your comments.

These are some sick fucking people. I found some shit today on the post I wrote about the death of my best friend, Steve Hamby. I put a lot of emotion into that one, because I loved Steve like a brother.

The spammers hit that post with "cum-filled panties," "oral," "little girls and big dicks," and "on-line casino betting." Bejus on a bike. Do these people respect ANYTHING???

Fucking weeds. I'll pull you every time.


I hear ya man. I just love finding cock-pill ads in the comments to the posts about my son's diabilities or the one about the death of my mom.
Fucking bastards.
I do MT-Blacklist weeding daily too.

Posted by: Graumagus on September 29, 2004 02:55 AM
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