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September 27, 2004

maybe, some day

I believe that I would really like this guy if I ever get the chance to meet him. As a Cracker, I tend to get along well with Texans anyway (we think a lot alike) and the Ogre just comes across as my kinda guy.

If Bush was such a chump (or chimp as they like to portray him) I would think Kerry being so much more sophisticated would be able to spank Bush. They say Bush wins also on style. Style? This cowboy from Texas? I thought Bush was just a horse riding chump out getting drunk living large because he was a fortunate son… Okay, here is the deal as I see it. Bush is smart as hell and people underestimate him until they meet him. Bush is winner and has always been a winner. The cat played rugby and flew fighter jets… I wouldn’t want to lock horns with him.

Yeah, the Dems have enjoyed themselves greatly in circle-jerks declaring George Bush stupid. You want to know how stupid YOU are? Call George Bush stupid. Nobody but a blithering idiot can possibly believe that someone can fly fighter jets, get a Harvard MBA, become governor of Texas and then President of the United States by being stupid.

Got-dam! Isn't it time for a reality check here? Hate the guy all you want to... that's your right as an American citizen. (I happen to like a lot about him myself---not everything, but enough to get my vote this year.) Just don't call him stupid. You let that kinda shit fly outta your neck and people are supposed to believe that YOU are smart? Kiss my ass.

Like him or not, George Bush is no dummy.


Hey Rob,
I think old W is good at pulling one of my favorite tricks. Let everyone think you just a good ole boy most of the time, then take them down hard when it counts the most.
By the way, W stands for winner. Say good night Dick (Kerry).

Posted by: bubba on September 27, 2004 08:00 PM

It's a fabulous ruse he's got going and I can't believe how many lefties he's still stringing along with it. They're convinced that any signs of intelligence must have come from Rove or Cheney. He manages to come across as just another regular American guy without trying, but he's sharp as a tack.

Reagan did the same thing with his 'befuddled oldster' schtick.

Posted by: Desert Cat on September 28, 2004 12:37 AM
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