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September 24, 2004

climbing mountains

I once really enjoyed hiking and backpacking. I've walked all over the Appalatchians, the Smokies and the Blue Ridge Mountains. I've spent many a night in the middle of nowhere around a campfire. I learned to chew tobacco while hiking. I learned to carry food, clothes, shelter and whiskey for FOUR DAYS in the woods and tote 40 pounds on my back. (That's a light pack--but I had everything I needed.)

I've climbed Blood Mountain at least a dozen times. I've hiked the North Face of Naked Ground, at Joyce Kilmer, from Big Fat Gap to the top of Hangover Mountain six times. That trail is a bitch. I've followed the Art Loeb Trail all over the mountains. That was one walking sumbitch. I've had my picture taken while sitting atop a big piece of granite at the Shining Rock Wilderness in Tennessee.

I've been all over those mountains.

I can't do that anymore. I run out of gas too easily today. My idea of camping now is to walk a couple of hundred yards into the woods and find a nice, level place. Dump everything right there. Set up camp and let people day-hike if they want to. Sit around in a folding chair and look up at the mountains. Say, "I climbed you once and I could do it again, if I wanted to!" and know that you're lying.

But I DID climb them once upon a time.


So you're saying you like to climb atop large pointed objects? I don't get it. Oh, wait. I do.

Ha ha ha. There really is nothing better than scaling an Appalachian mountain, simply because you can.
You can't scale a Rockie, just a piece of it. Hell, I fagged out climbing the 1,200 feet from the parking lot to Red Rocks Amphitheatre. I HAVE climbed the top half of Brasstown Bald, but I wasn't smoking then.
I fear what would happen should I have to climb at the blogfest. I don't care if I die. I just don't want everyone taking pictures of my corpse, and posting them.

Posted by: Velociman on September 24, 2004 08:46 PM

At least not without the full-face makeup and the manicure, right, Veloci-Sweetie?

Posted by: Stevie on September 24, 2004 10:23 PM

I've never climbed a mountain. Well, unless you count driving up the road to the top. It was Pilot Mountain in NC. It's shaped kinda like an old Indy car. Hump in the back and slope in the front. BE NICE PEOPLE, that was the only description that I could use to describe it. I used to call it "Racecar Mountain" when I was a boy. I guess Mt. Pilot used to be the shit in Mayberry RFD. I think Barney had some strange in that town cause it seemed like he, and Andy for that matter were going the an awful lot. By the way, where in the hell did Opie come from?

Posted by: BryanH on September 24, 2004 11:33 PM

I'm still at it! That's why I moved to the Blue Ridge 18 years ago. I've been to all those places, too.

The Black Mountains are the best.

Posted by: Brett on September 25, 2004 08:55 AM

Rauchen in der schwangerschaft schadet ihrem kind edustartpage

Posted by: Rezepte on October 15, 2004 11:34 PM

And like that... it's gone... away...

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