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September 15, 2004

red toenails vs big boobs

James asked, so here goes. (Trust me... if you email me a good idea for a post, I'll post about it.) Next, I will be talking about boob size as related to red toenails. James said:

Next he will be taking about boob size as related to red toe nails.

Posted by James Old Guy at September 15, 2004 10:09 AM

How right you are, sir!!!

Let's lay out the ground rules before I start. For anyone who doesn't read this blog often, I am not a big-boob guy, but I SLOBBER when I see red toenails on a pretty feminine foot. I've got a FETISH, a KINK, a BEND in my orientation about red toenails on a woman. I don't think it's bad and I'm not ashamed about it. (MEN: If YOU never wanted to suck a woman's toes in your life, you're either unimaginative or gay. Period. I will brook no argument about that fact.)

Tits are very nice. Don't get me wrong about that. I like 'em just fine. But a set of basketballs just don't excite me as much as a small-breasted woman with pert nipples. That's just the way I am. Give me a fine ass, red toenails and a set of legs to die for and you can keep the tits.

But I digress...

I performed MUCH research into trying to find a link between red toenails and big boobs. Alas, I am unable to do so, so I MUST continue my research. I haven't found the ANSWER yet, but I know it's out there. I consider myself to be a pure scientist, working selflessly to make the world a better place to live.

I need volunteers for some serious lab work. Tits don't matter, but red toenails do. No males need apply.


I've come across big breasts that I found MOST unappealing... but I've never met a set of small ones that I didn't fall in love with at first sight.

Posted by: Mike on September 15, 2004 11:51 AM

Give me long legs, ladies!

Posted by: Brett on September 15, 2004 01:23 PM

It's all about the guns, A-man. And I mean 44DD, not .44 Magnum...

I'll wager you'll find an inverse relationship between breast size and painted toenails: As breast size increases, the likelihood of the toenails being painted any color decreases.

'Cuz they can't see 'em!

Thank you, thank you. I'll be here all week. Remember to tip your waitress...

Posted by: Jay G on September 15, 2004 03:44 PM

I have both, if that helps..... but not the long legs.

Posted by: caltechgirl on September 15, 2004 04:16 PM

Leggy brunettes with 34Bs and eyeglasses...Good Lord I will die with a smile from ear to ear!

Posted by: Glendon on September 15, 2004 08:29 PM

To me, the size is less important than the attitude. If they stand right up and look you in the eye while you're quite naturally staring at them, they're beautiful boobs.

And frankly, if they're so big you can't fit the whole thing in one hand, it's just a waste. I mean, I only have two hands.

Posted by: McGehee on September 15, 2004 09:56 PM
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