Gut Rumbles

September 15, 2004

a gray day

Hurricane Ivan is headed toward the gulf coast and all indications are that I'll just get a little rain from it. That part already has started, on and off this morning. It's amazing to realize that the clouds over my head today are part of that storm still wobbling through the Gulf of Mexico about 800 miles away. Hurricanes are scary muthas.

Looks like we've got another one trying to sneak in under Ivan's cover. I think Jeanne is headed for North Carolina. I've seen a track like that one before. Just keep turning north, baby!

Meanwhile, I'll just watch the rain, eat leftover barbecue and hope that Ivan doesn't kill anybody who didn't need killing.


I'm happy for you that you're missing Ivan. I'm not so happy for me since I'm sitting here in Alabama. If my house blows away, I'll blame you. That is, just as soon as I can get electricity and internet connections run to the cardboard box that I'll be living in!

Posted by: Susie T on September 15, 2004 10:39 AM

Hey, Acidman. I'm on the run from Pensacola. Sitting here in Louisville with a beer and watching that summbich get closer to Perdido Key (where we were staying with friends). Looks like my trip to Jawjaw has been delayed a bit. We'll catch ye on the way back down. One thing about the evac up I-65: I saw three accidents, everyone of them involving a Florida plate. You're right about that!

Posted by: Seppo on September 15, 2004 05:10 PM
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