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September 08, 2004

zell miller

Ah-nold was good, but I still believe that Zell Miller gave the best speech at the Republican Convention. He DID sound like a baptist minister, but we Southerners LIKE to hear that kind of talk. Got-dam! Give 'em hell, Zell!

Did he show a set of balls, or what? That's something ELSE that we respect Down South. Alan Aldas we ain't. All that girly-man shit that plays elsewhere doesn't work here. Most Southern wimmen I know don't want a "sensitive" man. They want a guy who can change a flat tire, shoot a gun and still call them darlin.' They want a guy who can work hard, teach his son to throw a football and bark like a DAWG at Georgia football games.

Down South, we care more about honor than lies, character more than image, and we don't give a shit what some dumbass yankee thinks about us, especially if it's a news reporter doing the thinking. We don't live in New York City, LA or Washington DC, and we don't WANT to. We are accustomed to blunt speech.

"Open your mouth again, and I'll whip your ass or die trying." If you ever hear THAT statement from a Southern man, either shut up or get ready to fight. He ain't kidding. Why do you think we have so many Southerners in the military? We're all sons of thunder down here.

Zell Miller took my breath away. He laid out bare the essential point of the last 35 years, ever since the call for surrender in Vietnam. John Kerry told the U.S. Senate that not more than 2000 or 3000 Vietnamese would have to flee from the democratic [i.e, Communist] forces leading the Vietnamese revolution. Hanoi and the Viet Cong were not our enemy, he said. We are the evil ones.

John Kerry can shove his well-coiffed, Herman Munster head right up his ass. He'll get my vote when he can pry it from my cold, dead hand. War hero, my ass.

Gimme Zell.


Zig Zag Zell is just putting up a front, he is still a sorry ass. He forgets, we live in Georgia.

Posted by: Catfish on September 8, 2004 11:17 AM

Part of a comment I put at Winds of Change:

Watching TV of repatriation, I saw 40-50 faces of men I knew personally, from acquaintances to good friends, who were tortured specifically because of Kerry's statements about war crimes and atrocities. I also lost a roommate, a GIB (guy-in-the-back) and 4 other members of my squadron during 13 months in-country. Kerry needs to apologize to all those who served honorably and gave the ultimate sacrifice. Will he?

Posted by: Larry on September 8, 2004 12:57 PM

But...but John Kerry is a war hero. Problem is it was for the other side. I just wish I could remember who said that first.

Posted by: matterson on September 8, 2004 03:34 PM

John Kerry "could" shove his head up his ass except for the fact that it's already there, so to do that, he'd have to change his position and pull it out before he'd actually be able to put it back in before he voted to pull it back out.

Posted by: BryanH on September 8, 2004 07:09 PM

Kerry vs. Bush isn't about Yankee vs. Southern, even though Kerry is from Massachusetts and Bush is from Texas. This is pure conservative vs. liberal.

Bush is a pure conservative, and he got elected by convincing people he was more moderate than he really is. Kerry is a pure liberal, and if he gets elected (!), it will be because he was able to convince people he's more moderate than he really is.

I'm a conservative on national defense and the economy, and a liberal on social policy. So who do I vote for? Bush, because national defense and the economy are more important. Also because I think Kerry is a dishonest fool.

Posted by: Ole Eichhorn on September 8, 2004 08:49 PM

This is one Yankee who wishes we could borrow Zell Miller to come up here to Trenton to kick ass and take names.

Posted by: Jim on September 8, 2004 09:23 PM
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