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September 07, 2004

customer service

I wouldn't last long in a customer service job. I have a tendency to fly off the handle and tell people to go fuck themselves when they bitch at me. But if YOU TAKE a customer service position, you should realize and accept the fact that listening to bitchers is YOUR GODDAM JOB. If you can't handle that heat, you don't belong in the kitchen. Learn to kiss ass with a smile or find something else to do.

I called Comcast this morning and learned that most of Effingham County is without service. As if I didn't already know that fact. I asked the bitch on the phone when I could expect my service to be restored. (I was polite until I heard a sigh and a whiny voice saying, "A LOT of customers are without service. What do you expect ME to do about it?") That comment went up my ass like barbed wire. I EXPECT YOU TO FIX MY PROBLEM, SHITHEAD!! That's what I PAY FOR every month.

Maybe she had been besieged by irate customers complaining about service outages. I don't care. That's still no excuse for a CUSTOMER SERVICE REP to get persnickety with ME. I AM THE CUSTOMER!!! YOU are a bitch who can't handle her job. Period. Don't get hormonal on me. Drop the vapors and quit your job NOW, while you can, because you obviously ain't cut out for this kind of work. Bitch.

I LOVE those messages that say "for training and security purposes, this phone call may be recorded." I hope to hell that the one I made this morning was recorded. Somebody needs to "train" that bitch right out the door.

Comcast is dangerously close to losing a valuable customer. I got along without them before I met them and I can get along without them now. I understand that we've had a bad storm and they have technical difficulties. But NOBODY in a customer service job is going to blow me off the way that bitch did this morning.

I don't have to take that shit and I won't.


This bad work comes from the common attitude that jobs are created to provide the worker with income, whereas they are actually created to effect the ends of the enterprise,.

This idea substitues a benign consequnce for the purpose. It also promotes poor work.

Posted by: Brett on September 7, 2004 08:19 AM

Your lucky you was able to speak to someone from the USA. Comcast will be outsourcing customer service next, they will be friendly but still won't do anything to fix the problem.

Posted by: James Old Guy on September 7, 2004 08:27 AM

Good for you, fuckem. I talked to a AOL rep about 2 weeks ago, and he told me, that I should not use that kind of talk, I told him to go fuck himself and AOL sucked, he got pissed with me, I asked to talk to his boss, then he hung up on me. I can't wait till I move. Fuck AOL, piece of shit, junk, sorry ass software. If I could have gotten to him that day, I would have choked the shit out of him, Fuckem, Cat.

Posted by: Catfish on September 7, 2004 09:01 AM

Cable TV/internet and telephone services don't need to offer decent customer service. Has ANYONE anywhere actually called their cable TV service and had a pleasant experience? Cable services have a monopoly in this country. You can't choose to go with another company. My cable internet goes out every time the wind blows. I don't need a storm in my area to have outages every couple of hours.

Japan, on the other hand, opened up their cable and telephone lines for competition. The result: reliable broadband speeds so fast that you can watch TV on your computer through an internet connection. The cost: less than 30 dollars a month.

Posted by: sugarmama on September 7, 2004 09:24 AM

When I moved to Savannah in April, Comcast was quick to call me to sign up. I did that first week of April...and it took them until AUGUST 15 to bury the cable wires! Oh yeah, that was AFTER I called FIVE TIMES and screamed at them repeatedly and spoke to the "manager." When they DID bury the wire, they CUT MY PHONE WIRE!!!!! Then I had to wait for Bellsouth to come out.....bla bla bla........Rob, is it always this bad?!

Posted by: Heather on September 7, 2004 11:52 AM

I smiled when I read your post about pissy customer service. Pissy is the norm these days, it seems. I get so disgusted sometimes I just wanna throttle everyone within a 50 mile radius.

Hey! I just had a brainstorm. This seems like a good time to post the little poem I wrote in your honor. Hope you like it. ***ahem**** Here goes:

Ode To Rob

There once was a man named Rob;
Who, because of this blog, lost his job.
His ex-wife is a twit;
He's REAL sick of her shit!
Now his demeanor's as rough as a cob.

Posted by: Kate on September 7, 2004 01:30 PM

Goddam, Kate! I am flattered.

You are a true poet.

Posted by: Acidman on September 7, 2004 03:06 PM

Yep... Been there, done that! I too have Comcast Broadband, and while I love the service when it is working, I hate having to call their Customer Service Department. BTW, The last time I spoke with a Comcast CS person, they were located in Canada.

I've never had a bad experience with a Technician, but sure can't say the same thing for the Customer Service folks. About all you can do is either grin and bare it, or disconnect the service and go elsewhere. Unfortunately, the second option leaves me with only a dialup connection, and I don't wish to go back there.

Yep, they got me! And it sucks. But I do write Comcast Corporate each and everytime one of their CS Reps acts like an ass hat! That's about all you can do. If enough people did that and kept at it, management would have to do something about the situation.

One can dream, no?

Posted by: Bob on September 7, 2004 04:29 PM

I have been on both sides of the customer service telephone. A substantial minority--or more--of customers are unreasonable and abusive (and then cop a self-righteous attitude when they finally succeed in provoking the rep) and refuse to take any responsibility for anything (though responsibility is less of an issue here). Just because you can act like an asshole, and the CS rep is supposed to take it, doesn't mean that you should. The CS rep has no power to do anything other than recite the company line, so if you have a problem with that, don't take it out on the waiter. This is no different than abusing waitresses, except that it takes less (fewer?) balls to do it on the telephone.

Posted by: Chris on September 7, 2004 07:21 PM

Glad to see you got laid later in the day.

Posted by: blargo on September 7, 2004 11:52 PM

aol is nothing more than a load of old wank and i'm sick of their fucking shit!

Posted by: kingsley on October 11, 2005 05:08 PM
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