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August 21, 2004

make the laws---just don't obey them

I believe that this guy is in deep shit. I know it's venal behavior on my part, but I AM DELIGHTED that the sumbitch is in deep shit. Dorks such as this one are the reason we have so many laws on the books that affect MY life, but aren't supposed to touch theirs.

A state lawmaker allegedly drunk behind the wheel and barely avoiding multiple accidents on the Massachusetts Turnpike got even deeper in trouble after urinating in front of the troopers who stopped him. A barefoot Rep. Paul L. Kujawski came to the door of his Webster home in his Patriots T-shirt yesterday, but refused comment on his wild night and alleged unruly encounter with the state police during his booking at the Sturbridge barracks. ``When you have charges against you and they're serious, obviously I can't comment,'' said Kujawski, a 10-year Democratic representative who represents the 8th Worcester District.

Hell... you probably don't REMEMBER what happened, Mr. Politician. Drunk driving and pissing on the road in front of your arresting officer? THAT kind of behavior inspires my confidence in you.

Troopers claimed that questioning Kujawski was difficult because of his alleged intoxication, but the lawmaker allegedly told Hennigan, ``You know, I am a state rep and I want to know why you were going through my personal things,'' according to the report. At the state police barracks, where it took 31 minutes instead of a typical 10 minutes to complete the booking, Kujawski became increasingly agitated, refused to take a Breathalyzer test and allegedly was rude and combative.

And he's a Democrat, too, a member of the party of compassion. Imagine that.


Must be something int the water in Mass. They like to elect people who get plastered, then drive. They even have one in the Senate!

Posted by: bear, the (one each) on August 22, 2004 02:07 PM

This reminds me of a JUDGE in Seattle, who got drunk, drove , hit a few cars along the way, and got roadblocked by another driver who saw how crazy her driving was.
Well guess what? She comes out with a teary statement admitting that she has an "alcohol problem" she's seeking treatment, and no, she won't resign.
This pissed me off as much as the drunken hit and runs. Hey Judge, no one gives a crap about your "alcohol problem"!!! Nice that you get to keep your job jailing "lesser" folks for the same stuff. Sorry about no name/link. It really did happen. In a "nice" neighborhood where a taxi arrives in less than 10.

Posted by: coastygirl on August 24, 2004 08:45 PM
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