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August 17, 2004

it's in my will

When I die, I expect somebody to sell all my stuff and divide the money between my two children. Samantha gets her share right away, but Quinton won't see a dime until he's 18 years old. Whatever legacy I leave will be held in trust for him until he heads off to college. I don't want Jennifer to have a chance to fuck with my life's work any more than she's doing now.

I made my will a 50-50 split between Sam and Quinton and I hope that they never fight about it. There'll be plenty to go around. The sickest thing I've ever seen in my life is a bunch of relatives fighting over a dead person's assets. (The worst case of that I ever saw was led by a Baptist minister. Man of God, my ass.) I'll never do that and I hope that my children don't, either.

But I singled out one thing in my will--- my Martin guitar. THAT goes to Quinton, whether he ever plays it or not. I just hope that he takes care of it. It ain't that hard a job and even if he's NOT musical like his daddy, his son or his daughter might be, and I'm leaving them a fine instrument.

I hope that guitar is still ringing when nobody named "Smith" even remembers who I was.


Some friends of mine avoided the whole "fight over the dead parents stuff" when it turned out that their parents stipulated that anything that was fought over would go to charity rather than the heirs. From what I hear the distribution was remarkably civil:-)

Posted by: Jason Bontrager on August 17, 2004 01:41 PM

But who gets the rights to the blog?

Posted by: James Old Guy on August 17, 2004 02:04 PM


secondly, there will be no fighting. I probably won't even know Quinton by the time that happens. He'll be grown and have long forgotten me. I'd be proud to have whatever you decide to give to me, but the time hasn't come and won't come for a while so lets think about all the great things I get while your alive, like my trips to Savannah to see you, crabbing, fishing, and good talks. I love you dad. Don't worry about will fighting. That's stupid. You still have quite a bit of time ahead of you. Don't let the BC ruin that for you. Fuck her. I believe everyone pays for what they've done somehow. Everything she's done will turn around and blow up in her face one day. Believe me on that.

Posted by: Sam on August 17, 2004 11:07 PM

Sam, I will delightfully bequeath my blog to you. You'll use it more than Quinton ever will that Martin guitar.

Posted by: Acidman on August 18, 2004 12:08 AM
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