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July 29, 2004

same old shit

Now that I'm back home, I started paying attention to the Democratic national convention. I am NOT impressed with what I see. Every speaker spouts the same old, tired bromides about ending poverty, making health care free and giving something to everybody. Oh, yeah--- and Bush is EEEEVILLL. It's all bullshit.

Take Ted Kennedy's speech, for example:

I've served for many years in the Senate and have seen many elections. But there have been none more urgent or more important than this one. Never before have I seen a contrast so sharp or consequences so profound as in the choice we will make for President in 2004.

What? Does that mean you finally sobered up for once in your fat, rich life?

There's a reason why this land was called "the American experiment." If dedication to the common good were hardwired into human nature, we would never have needed a revolution. If each of us cared about the public interest, we wouldn't have the excesses of Enron. We wouldn't have the abuses of Halliburton. And Vice President Cheney would be retired to an undisclosed location.

And if you weren't above the law by being a fat, rich Kennedy, your slimy ass would be in jail for vehicular homicide. Enron nor Haliburton ever got drunk and killed somebody. YOU DID, Senator Kennedy. Yeah--- let's talk about "abuse" and who should really be retired to an undisclosed location.

Yet in our own time, there are those who seek to divide us. One community against another. Urban against rural. City against suburb. Whites against blacks. Men against women. Straights against gays. Americans against Americans.

That pretty well sums up the Democrat campaign strategy, doesn't it? I've never heard Republicans say that if you elect a Democrat, churches will burn, black men will be dragged behind pickup trucks and wimmen will ALL DIE from back-alley abortions. YOUR PARTY does that, Mr. Kennedy.

Time and again in America's history, we as Democrats have offered new hope ó of a stronger, fairer, more prosperous future for all our people, a society that feeds the hungry, shelters the homeless, and cares for the sick ó so that none must walk alone.

Yeah--- you created a welfare system that imprisons people in poverty, you created "fairness" through laws that discriminate against innocent people, and you built a government filled with corruption and waste that serves itself more than it does others. Good job, dumbass.

When the elderly faced poverty and sickness that threatened their golden years, we created Social Security and Medicare.

One a Ponzi scheme that cannot last and the other a government waste-mill that will go broke in a few years, if the two together don't bankrupt the entire country first. Good job, dumbass.

When the voices of many citizens went unheard and their lives were blighted by bigotry, we fought for equality and justice, for civil rights and voting rights and the rights of women, for the cause of Americans with disabilities.

Yeah--- and we got Affirmative Action, sexual harassment laws, and the ADA, all of which did nothing more than make lawyers rich and divide the country. Good job, dumbass.

When higher education was beyond the reach of veterans returning home from war, we created the GI Bill of Rights ó and we have continued ever since to make college more affordable for millions more Americans.

Yeah, and with what you've done to public education, most of the people who go to college today can't read or write. Good job, dumbass.

I can't go on with this rant without puking on my keyboard. I quit.



When higher education was beyond the reach of veterans returning home from war, we created the GI Bill of Rights ó and we have continued ever since to make college more affordable for millions more Americans.

I attempted to go to college through a mix of scholarships, financial aid, and working. I have no idea where on earth he got the idea that college is being made more affordable. In the last two years, the college I attended raised tuition by eighty percent total. It reached the point where even with scholarships, financial aid, loans, and a job, I could not afford to attend and eat.

Sure, it's easier if you're a veteran, a war orphan, certain minorities, or a few other variations, but for the average is steadily getting further and further out of reach.

And that's assuming the education is worth spit once you get there.

Posted by: Veryalda Relisys on July 29, 2004 09:24 PM

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