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July 23, 2004

Why I Am The Way I Am

"Acidaughter, it's been a revelation to read some of your stuff. I never knew that a
lesbian could be a such a conservative opinionated person, considering that your fellow
conservatives and republicans believe you're mortally sinful. But then I guess "southern"
lesbians would be like that."

I'm glad someone brought this up. People ask me all the time, "how can you be gay and
call yourself a Republican? I'm sure Mary Cheney gets asked the same question too.

I side with the republican party more than I do the democrats, but I'm not 100% republican. No one is 100% any party, I don't care what they say. Maybe I'm a little more of a libertarian. Here's a little bit about what I believe, politically.

Liberals seem to think conservatives are your fag hating, racist, wife beating yet church going drunks who live out in the middle of nowhere and are completely useless to the world. Those are extremists. Just like you have your liberal extremists, (i.e. terrorists, Michael Moore) and your Muslim extremists. From what I've seen, conservatives seem to be average hardworking people, who believe that you should work for what you have and that the government shouldn't be allowed to come in and take ANY of it. They believe everyone should be treated equal, no special privileges for ANYONE because of race, (affirmative action in colleges) religion, sex OR sexual preference. That would be racist, right? Conservatives see the world how it is. They see where the evil is and want to do something about it. Liberals overlook the evil and try to cover it up with violent protests and Bush Bashing. The liberals who stand in front of the White House protesting "PEACE" should be over in Iraq, Afghanistan, and other Middle Eastern countries protesting to the REAL invaders of peace, the terrorists. There will never be peace on earth as long as terrorists exist. Conservative see this, liberals don't. Liberals believe that the terrorists aren't to blame for this problem and The United States and the Bush supporters are.

When it comes to gays: I've never once, on any blog, ever been insulted or had any
hateful remarks made about me being gay from ANY conservatives. Stacey and I may get a dirty look or two when we're in public, but we've never had anyone just walk up and say,"You're going to hell, dykes!" I've seen the idiots in the streets holding up their," fags go to hell!" signs and I'm sure most of them vote republican. I've also seen the black panthers (many who are white) get up on the 5 o'clock news and say that they're going to destroy the evil white man and take over the country. I bet they'd vote Kerry over Bush any day. You've got your rotten eggs on both sides.
When I see naked gay men walking around Disney World screaming like girls and sucking dick in front of everyone and their children on "gay day" it makes me not think much of homosexuals myself. Many gays (goes the same for those of other minorities as well) get all pissed wondering why people have "hate" toward them, but they have to understand that people are not going to be tolerant and flashing it in their faces only makes it worse. If you're going to go to public place, flash your pride in obscene ways, blast your rap music so loud that no one can hear themselves speak, or line up at Six Flags over Texas on a Saturday in July in the front entrance way, lay out your rugs and pray for the world to see (happened here not too long ago) you're going to piss people off and the ignorant people will take it out on your entire group or race instead of just you.
What I'm trying to say, if you can't take the criticism, don't put yourself out there asking for it.

On the other hand: I don't believe I should get any special privilege for being gay, but I don't understand what the big deal is about gay marriage. How is Stacey and I getting married going to affect YOUR straight marriage? It's not. We're not asking to be married in a church in front of a pastor, we just want the same benefits as straight couples. A straight couple can get married, live in two different states, each have 3 different lovers and get divorced 6 weeks later and they get all the benefits that a loving gay couple can't have. I just don't see why this is such a big issue.

I'm pro-choice. Yes I know, that's a liberal thing. But I believe that a woman should
have the right to choose when it comes to her pregnancy. I consider the "baby" to be
part of the mother until it's far enough long that it no longer needs to mother's body
in order to survive. So as long as it is HER body part, she can do with it as she pleases.
That doesn't mean I think it's morally the right thing to do, but I do believe it's her
choice. You'll never be able to stop people from being stupid, but you can stop a child
from having to live an abusive and neglectful life maybe resulting in one less criminal, one less welfare mother, or one less drug addict.

I believe in less government spending and lower taxes. LET PEOPLE LEARN TO TAKE CARE OF THEMSELVES. I'm tired of seeing people everyday pulling up to the pharmacy and the grocery store in their Escalades and brand new Dodge pickups pulling out Medicaid forms and food stamps for coke and potato chips, while I work hard everyday to make the payments on my average car to afford $100 on groceries every two weeks for necessary food. Something needs to give there.

When it comes to the war, I believe that Afghanistan is more important than Iraq. I mean, Afghanistan holds (or held) the man who was responsible for the death of over 3,000 Americans. I believe that rebuilding Iraq and supplying them with weapons and money will only turn around be used to harm us in the long run. It's happened before. We should be trying to rid the world of terrorists, not to help create them. Now that we're in this war, we need to finish it. Quit bullshitting around and take care of what we need to take care of. I believe the war with Afghanistan is necessary, the war in Iraq could have waited.

It's Friday and when Stacey gets off work at midnight we may be heading to Shreveport to do some gambling. (she'll do the gambling, while I relax in the luxury hotel at the Horseshoe that we're not paying for) So I probably won't be blogging much over the next couple of days. I hope everyone has a safe and fun weekend. If it's Saturday and you're reading this, get out and enjoy yourself. Life's too short.

Posted By Acidaughter


Before I rant: Excellent post. Thank you for your honesty and openness. I have to say that in the end you seem like someone I'd like to talk to. Obviously I don't agree with everything you said, as is spelled out below, but you are like the rest of us -- just a bit conflicted in your beliefs. It's not easy being a person of thought.

What's interesting is that you say that there are extremists in any group, but then use the extremist as your example -- i.e. dick sucking gay men. I live with my wife and daughter in West Hollywood, CA and have yet to see a single dick sucking incident in the streets, or in our condominium building. Probably one of those crazy extremists acting out.

You say that conservatives don't want special treatment for anyone, BUT you fail to state that what they want is special treatment for themselves. They are the ones who think they should be allowed to get married and that gay men and women should not. Allowing marriage doesn't mean special treatment, it means equal treatment -- and equal treatment is exactly what conservatives don't want them to have.

You say that Afghanistan is more important then Iraq becuase that is where Bin Laden is/was. BUT we INVADED Iraq....why? Yes, of course, this is all going to bite us in the end and that's the problem. (Plus a lot of dead people.)

You say that the liberals don't see the evil and attack Bush. But the conservatives see the Evil and attack everybody including the democrats and entire countries that were simply not involved.

Liberals don't blame terrorists? Come on. Liberals blame the terrorists -- the ones who actually did the evil acts. Not just Muslims generally -- they generally don't have that mentality, you know "cause if you kill enough of them, then you are likely to have got some terrorists too."

Have a great weekend.

Posted by: Mannaz on July 23, 2004 08:43 PM

RE: Iraq

The REAL reason we are in Iraq is to establish a base of power in the Middle East. Forget about WMDs (yeah, Dubya had to sell that facet to placate the Brits) or deposing a murderous tyrant (libs who claim to be "humanitarians" conveniently forget the fact this scumbag killed 500,000 - 1,000,000 of his OWN citizens). This is a LONG war we have entered into. Radical Islam is a death cult that does not adhere to reason. They are not civilized.

That said, a footing in Iraq gives us a strategic advantage that the mullahs and sheiks must reckon with. Be patient. This is going to be a LONG war.

Posted by: rightisright on July 23, 2004 10:50 PM


I have to say, I am very happy to read your view points. Being a lesbian with that R on the voter ID always brings up weird questions. Not the least of which is "You're actually registered to vote? But you're only 22."

I agree with nearly everything you said, and it was nice to hear from someone else with similar thoughts.

I hope you and Stacey have a lovely weekend.

Posted by: Veryalda Relisys on July 23, 2004 11:03 PM

Well said, Sam.
Well spoke, as we say in the south. I cannot add or detract from that. I'm a live and let live person. I have no idea how my girls will turn. I have my ideas, but they are only that. My ideas.

I've enjoyed your guest hostering. I thought hostess might be too, you know, Cypress Gardens.

Posted by: Velociman on July 23, 2004 11:08 PM

That's probably one of the most astute looks at the gay activists and gay life in general that I've read. Unfortunately, from what I've seen, it's a pretty tiny minority of a view to hold for someone who is gay. I have several friends who also bat for the other team, and who fortunately have similar views on the realities of such things. I'm proud to call them friends.

It's the whining morons, the float fairies, and the people who think gay marriage is more important than the war on terror who I'd like to run over several times, and that has nothing to do with them being gay, but it has a lot to do with them being assholes.

Posted by: Mr. Lion on July 23, 2004 11:11 PM

"...I don't understand what the big deal is about gay marriage. How is Stacey and I getting married going to affect YOUR straight marriage?"

-----A child marriage, parent/child marriage or man/sheep marriage aren't going to "affect" a particular straight marriage either, but such unions are condemned by society. Because there is such a thing as right and wrong, and some unions are superior to others.

-----Civil unions for gays are enough. A contract for rights or benefits between two (or even more) adults of sound mind, or between businesses and customers is enough. After all, did you wait for the State's blessing to fall in love?

-----The gay lifestyle is a deathstyle, particularly for gay men. Nature, by design, doesn't find homosexuality particularly useful (granted, Nature only cares about reproduction and quantity, not quality).

------There are also real differences between the sexes, whether humans pretend to ignore them or not. These differences, considered vital in the past, have now been turned upside-down. The disharmony caused by this PC bullshit is everywhere as society fractures further.

-----In the eyes of God, gays are equal to straights, and love is love. But if two men or two women ask if their 'marriage' is equal to that of a hetero couple, my answer is No.
It's inferior by design, not because the participants are bad or sinful people.

Posted by: horse with no-- on July 24, 2004 12:11 AM

You are far too wise for your years, A-girl. Don't deviate from your convictions. Occasionally a seed will take root; and your life path will be one of spreading enlightenment.

Posted by: Indigo on July 24, 2004 12:15 AM

"Just like you have your liberal extremists, (i.e. terrorists, Michael Moore) and your Muslim extremists. "

OK, Lets take them one by one...

1) Terrorists: Let's take the most well-known non-Muslim ones first. Timothy McVeigh, the Columbine Killers, the white Southern lynch mobs expressed the basest level of hatred for blacks... liberals are not generally known for going around shooting or lynching blacks... The Atlanta Olympics bomber was anti-abortion, so he decided to kill some people at the Atlanta Olympics. Thousands of people in the Carolinas helped him evade the law. Ergo, they're all terrorist supporters. The liberal position on abortion is well known to you. I hope.

2) Michael Moore: Believes in the right to oppose the government. He opposed the policies of Clinton when he was in power. He has proven that Bush is an idiot, when Bush is in power. Moore is a fearless American, in a tradition of real Americans going back to people like Benjamin Franklin. If you think he's a terrorist, you're not a real American. You're one in name only.

3) Muslim Terrorists: They believe in subjugation of women, they don't believe in separation of religion and state, they believe in eradicating all atheists and non-believers, they believe in eradicating free speech. Liberals believe in equality for women, separation of religion and state, tolerance of all beliefs including atheism, and in free speech.

YOU have far more in common with terrorists than do liberals (except for the lesbian thing of course). But it's OK, people like you serve a very useful purpose... you serve to remind liberals that we cannot let our guards down, and your warped logic provides the best fodder for people like Michael Moore (god bless him, btw).

Posted by: LOL on July 24, 2004 07:53 AM

I just saw another example of your warped logic. You're saying that if a few members of a minority group piss people off, it's acceptable for others to take it out on the "entire group or race".

So why isn't it OK for black panthers to say something about the "white man" because of the actions of a "few" white men (like your father and you... you're a man right? I could have sworn you were).

Posted by: LOL on July 24, 2004 08:00 AM

And one last one, I can't resist.

Conservatives aren't the peace loving hard-working "regular folks" you're making them out to be. About 40 years ago, they were well known around the world for trying to make sure that black kids couldn't go to state - funded colleges, and for trying to prevent inter-racial relationships etc... (I don't have time to list out all of their sins, hope these 2 will suffice)...

As for the real terrorists in the Mid-East, if you knew even an iota of history, you should know that Bin Laden was funded to the tune of billions by the good ol' US of A. Most of the Islamic terrorists in the Mid-East were directly created by US money or by Saudi Arabia, which of course is political and economical ally of the USA. But you didn't want to know that did you?? Better to wallow in your ignorance... and of course, "southern" folks are just hard-working folks, unlike those libruls in New York.

Posted by: LOL on July 24, 2004 08:07 AM

According to you, why should straight people have a problem if you and your girlfriend get married?

Well, in that case, why do you have a problem if some people choose to pull out their rugs somewhere and pray? It was a public place wasn't it? You could dance there if you wanted. So why have a problem if someone chooses to pray? Is it because they were some other religion than yours?

It's the same logic. Straight people find it offensive that gays can do their own thing, just as you find it offensive if some people peacefully do their own thing, because they believe in some other religion. In terms of effective bigotry, there is no difference between you and the anti-gay people. It's just that you're gay, so you think it's OK for gays to do whatever they want, without regard for the feelings of straight people, while it is not OK for those prayer rug people to do what they want without regard for the feelings for people like you.

Haven't you ever seen Christians solicit people to join Christianity? Or Christians pray in public? I saw a picture of a bunch of Christians praying outside the Supreme Court during the gay rights hearings. I didn't develop bigoted views of Christians as a result of watching them pray... your problem is that you are desperately looking for justifications for the bigotry that is inherent in you (and possibly inherited from your father, who no doubt read about lynchings with glee back in his youth)... what you need are better justifications... 'cause any fool can see through these.

Posted by: LOL on July 24, 2004 09:15 AM

This is a bit off subject from the rest of the comments, but..
Hope you enjoy your time in Shreveport, I recommend the Hollywood casino, the buffet there is awesome. Have fun!

Posted by: Kristen on July 24, 2004 10:09 AM

OK, Lets take them one by one...

1)... liberals are not generally known for going around shooting or lynching blacks...
No, liberal destruction of blacks is done by making them “mascots.” Encouraging the use of “Ebonics.” Education? Thass a “white thang.” Destroy the work ethic with welfare, celebrate black illegitimacy, destroy the marriage incentive, and by all means, practice no ‘tough love.’

2) Michael Moore: a fat sack of crap and a liar. Forger of crockumentaries giving aid and comfort to the enemy. By all means, let him speak. Better these cretins dwell in the light where they can be properly ridiculed.

3) Liberals believe in equality for women, (by taking away all of Mens’ rights) separation of religion and state (eradicating every last vestige of religion from the national memory, rewrite history so it’s religion-free) tolerance of all beliefs (except those of gun-owners, pro-lifers, White males, Christians and the military culture).

Sam, you’re the bee’s knees. Even after 80 years of cultural Marxist brainwashing, the majority of Americans (here legally) remain conservative or mostly conservative.

Thank God the adults—however flawed—are in positions of power, while Moore retires to his mansion and Linda Ronstadt prompts another walkout.

Posted by: horse with no-- on July 24, 2004 11:19 AM

Aciddaughter - You've pretty much stated my beliefs. And I'm a straight white male.

Beth- Being pro-choice doesn't mean that you have to favor abortion. My mom's pro choice, and she's never had an abortion. I too believe that abortion, if not done for medical reasons, should be done as quickly as possible. I also dislike the no-precaution culture that makes it a need. You might care about your babies, but remember the girl who had the baby at the prom and left it in the toilet?

Mannaz-Being gay, Aciddaughter probably hears about stupid incidents by others of her type more than we do. And I'm pretty much a conservative, and I don't have a problem with gay marriage. Besides the 'religious right', what the conservatives are mostly upset about is the procedures being proposed to legalize it. Going through the courts. Something this important should be decided either by congress or the people, not the courts.
Iraq was a ongoing war. I've believed for years that we needed to take Saddam and his regime out. As for liberals blaming the terrorists, I've heard way too much 'what did we do to piss them off. It's the USA's fault'.

rightisright - ditto

Mr. Lion - Those were the people she was complaining about ;)

horse with no- Well, considering the screwed up 'superiour' marriages I've heard about, let's give them a shot, huh? I think it would be hard to do worse.

Posted by: Firethorn on July 24, 2004 01:03 PM

LOL, I'm taking your posts seperate from other peoples.

1) Terrorists:
Timothy McVeigh was a loony. Even the militias wouldn't take him as he was too nutty. The Columbine Killers, having no politiical agenda, weren't technically Terrorists, they were spree killers looking for fame. The 'White Southern lynch mobs' were overwhelmingly democrats. Liberals, while not attacking blacks, are known for attacking whites, people with SUV's, fur coats, firearms, or religious beliefs. Atlanta Olympics-Jewell was misidentified as the primary suspects for months. Eric Robert Rudolph wasn't identified as a suspect for more than a year. Plenty of time for an appearance/name change. I'd say that thousands of people in the Carolinas helping him is an exageration.
As for the liberal position on abortion, Aciddaughter already stated that she breaks from the republican party on this issue, as do I. But on the whole we don't follow the liberal positions on other things.
2)Michael Moore
He's a liar and a propagandist. He takes words out of context, slants issues, and outright lies.
3) Muslim Terrorists
Then why do the liberals oppose the war against them, and those who support them?
4) She never said that taking it out on the group was okay, she said that it happens. Important distinction, I'd say. Black Panthers was simply an example of a racist group other than the KKK.
5) Pulling out rugs and praying outside of six flags might be allowed, but it's not going to get the best response, now is it?
6) Most of the objections were actually by democrats. Lincoln was a Republican. Racism exists on both sides. Answer this, if blacks are equal to whites, then why do they need preferential treatment to make it?
7) Chrisians praying, Muslims praying. Different people, different experiances, different memories. Besides, she said that there are extremists on both sides.

Posted by: Firethorn on July 24, 2004 01:46 PM

Horse, some nice comments.

LOL - I guess it comes down to the inadequacies of the "left-right' system. You can be far more accurate with a two dimensional scale. I've seen it split up on 'economic freedom-control' vs 'social freedom-control'.
The democratic left tends towards social freedom with economic control, while the repubicans tend towards economic freedom with social control. Note that I send 'tendencies'. She and I lean libertarian, which means that we tend to support both sides towards freedom.

Posted by: Firethorn on July 24, 2004 01:58 PM

Sam -

Thanks for your post. Wonderful, honest...


No one reads your comments anymore. Follow the A-man's advice and get your own blog...

Posted by: Dz on July 24, 2004 04:04 PM

Ye Gods! You're probably more Libertarian than you think....



Posted by: Will on July 24, 2004 05:02 PM

Sorry, Sam - this is your post - but someone up there thinks it is excusable for someone to leave a newborn babe in a toilet - I will be more than willing to support any young woman who is pregnant and I will be more than happy to raise her child myself . Most pro-life people I know are exactly the same way.

9 months to save a life is not an outrageous request.

It is my belief that the continuing devaluation of human life at the beginning is directly responsible for the devaluation of human life at the other end.

Legal abortion is making legal euthanasia acceptable for many people - because they have lost all respect for human life.

Back to you, Sam - I completely support your desire to marry Stacey. I think it is important that you both have the same legal protections that married people have.

I know a lot of very loving gay and lesbian people who have remained with the same partner for many years, and to be honest, I'd rather have you and Stacey as neighbors than the crazy married couple next door.

Posted by: Beth Donovan on July 24, 2004 05:25 PM

Typo....ooops. I meant to say Samantha. My apologies.

Posted by: Brent on July 25, 2004 12:27 AM


If I sounded like I supported that teen that left her child in the toilet, I'm sorry. I find that inexcusable. It sticks in my mind because it's the most extreme example of not caring I can remember. Just recently there was a case of a woman aborting two of three fetuses so she wouldn't have to deal with triplets.

I know this'll sound horrible and stuff, but I am cautiously in favor of assisted suicide for terminal patients. Doctors had done a form of this for years by simply piling on the pain meds until the patient isn't in pain anymore (dosage levels toxic enough to kill the patient quicker). Part of the reason is that I believe quality of life is as important as length of life. If I had the choice of, say, 6 months mobile or 12 months tied to a bed, I don't know how I'd choose, but I'd like the choice.

Posted by: Firethorn on July 25, 2004 02:34 AM

Do not too quickly discard tradition. Remember that, ultimately, it is the Western tradition that the strong protect the weak, the alternative idea is accomodated and small children are not cooked and eaten that may explain why you are alive today.

Posted by: Walter E. Wallis on July 25, 2004 11:15 AM


As you probably know from reading my blog, I’m a Christian, so I have certain beliefs. But if I shunned or stopped liking everyone that didn’t live up to those all of those beliefs, I’d have to shun everyone I know, including myself.

Your father is a very blessed man to have produced a wonderful, intelligent daughter like you. And that’s all there is to it.

Posted by: Juliette on July 26, 2004 12:28 AM

Been meaning to call ka-ka on one of your points for awhile: No one believes that abortion is a right because a foetus is an appendage. People pretend a foetus is an appendage because they believe that abortion is a right. Otherwise, many people would believe that a foetus is not a person, but that it should still be illegal to destroy it. There are people who want boob implants to be illegal.

Posted by: Dave Munger on July 26, 2004 05:09 PM

Horse with no name:

"----A child marriage, parent/child marriage or man/sheep marriage aren't going to "affect" a particular straight marriage either, but such unions are condemned by society. Because there is such a thing as right and wrong, and some unions are superior to others."

And they're condemned by society because one or both of the participants are not CONSENTING ADULTS, therefore making any sexual relations between those parties tantamount to rape (or animal abuse).

"-----Civil unions for gays are enough. A contract for rights or benefits between two (or even more) adults of sound mind, or between businesses and customers is enough. After all, did you wait for the State's blessing to fall in love?"

So why is it a government issue at all? Why isn't a civil union for straight people enough? The word 'marriage' was not invented by Christians, nor is it used exclusively in regard to Christian unions.

"-----The gay lifestyle is a deathstyle, particularly for gay men. Nature, by design, doesn't find homosexuality particularly useful (granted, Nature only cares about reproduction and quantity, not quality). "

So is bungee jumping, should we ban from marriage, too?

Your premise is off anyway, it's not homosexuality that's the 'deathstyle', it's promiscuity. A straight man who sleeps around has a much higher chance of getting AIDS than a monogamous gay man.

"------There are also real differences between the sexes, whether humans pretend to ignore them or not. These differences, considered vital in the past, have now been turned upside-down. The disharmony caused by this PC bullshit is everywhere as society fractures further."

Yup. I'm sure single motherhood is caused by the fathers going off to watch Liza Minelli shows on Broadway and some dicksucking after the show. I'm sorry, but what you're saying is utter bullshit.

Gays have been around since history began, people have been aware of it since history began, and the sudden acceptance of 5-10% of society being different does not cause the remaining 90 percent to turn into effeminate poofters who 'fracture' society.

-----In the eyes of God, gays are equal to straights, and love is love. But if two men or two women ask if their 'marriage' is equal to that of a hetero couple, my answer is No.
It's inferior by design, not because the participants are bad or sinful people.

And you have the complete right to believe that, and I respect that belief from a religious standpoint. I don't agree, of course, but, following your logic, a propeller plane is inferior in design compared to a jet plane, so we should ban all Cessnas immediately..

If they're not bad or sinful, then why the fuck shouldn't their marriage be legal? Stop trying to come up with nonsensical reasons for your wish - it's because your religion says it's wrong. And sorry, but that gets you no cigar at all, unless you want to give up eating pork, and get state-mandated prayer sessions facing Mecca. Church / State (and that's why it exists, not so idiot liberals can ban prayer in schools).

Posted by: Sam on July 29, 2004 11:56 AM

In effect, gay marriage has been legal for some time now, in that it is not prohibited. A prohibition would mean kicking down the doors of Unitarian churches where vows are exchanged and arresting people. It is consistent with modern liberal statism and what Thomas Sowel calls the unconstrained vision to assert that people have a right to have the government act positively on their behalf. Marriage has never been considered a right in the American, as opposed to European, sense. Americans can't be required to purchace a license to exercise a right.

Posted by: Dave Munger on July 29, 2004 10:22 PM

your dady believes in buying women. maybe he can pimp you and your girlfriend out?

Posted by: jane on February 18, 2005 06:51 PM
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