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July 04, 2004


I am disturbed by this post. I'm not upset with anything The Lion had to say, but I really got the heebie-jeebies reading the comment from a self-professed public school educator of 22 years.

The writing is horrible. The syntax is fractured. The philosophy is sophmoric at best. Inarticulate is too kind a word to describe this idiot. THIS PERSON TEACHES SCHOOL???

Bejus! Save our children.


My wife is watching "Dateline" as I type this. Earlier in the show they had a piece on a middle aged woman who had to have a double mascetomy. This was a tragedy and she's in the middle of suing the Medical Practice that did the job. It was a misdiagnosis and it turned out she didn't have cancer ................BUT of course because President Bush is sponsoring a bill limiting non pain and suffering damages. it seems to be his own personel vendetta against this women. I feel for this women and imagine she'll get quite a pile out of this. While the limits in the proposed legislation are a little low for some cases , I think it would it would probably be better for some of these cases if there were realistic expectations instead of some lawyer getting another two or three Hawaiian condoes. But like I pointed out , it seems some how your President's fault.(I'm Canadian by the way,not from Arkansas. But I'm currently living in a small village where the defination of virgin could be "the fastest girl in Grade 4")

Posted by: big al on July 4, 2004 11:20 PM

Teachers have my sympathy, low pay, high expectations and no support , lousy parents, undiciplined kids and standard testing that does nothing. I did some teaching after I retired from the military, it sucks.

Posted by: James Old Guy on July 6, 2004 07:31 AM

Government types usually went to college, and consider that prima facie evidence of their superior intelligence.

As truly intelligent minds threaten their self-assesments with facts, they make sure few of them work in their enviroments at the public school, university, or government services outlet.

Consequently, our rulers rarely encounter true intellectual inquiry, and think they really are smarter than the masses in the private sector.

Very sad and destructive.

Posted by: Brett on July 6, 2004 03:49 PM
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