Gut Rumbles

June 25, 2004

notes from the neighborhood

*We had one hell of a thunderstorm yesterday evening. It didn't have the gale-force winds of the one that came the day before, but it more than compensated for that shortcoming with torrential rain and one of the most spectacular lightning shows I've ever seen. I saw three strikes on trees less than 200 yards from my house as I sat in my garage and watched. The storm finally blew away, and only THEN did the electricity go off. I went to bed in the dark last night.

*My neighbor, Henry, fell down at the bank and broke the radial head on his right elbow. He walked in from the rain on flat-bottom shoes, hit the tile floor with the wet soles and did a Buster Keaton pratfall right in front of the tellers. The bank agreed to pay his medical bills, but he's thinking of asking for some gravy on top. I think he'll get it if he tries, too. I loaned him my lawn mower so that he could cut his grass while sitting down.

*Katie the Fertile Rotweiller is down to one remaining pup, and I think that one is going to stay with mama. It's a good-looking, healthy little dog that's going to go up to be bigger than a house.

*My new neighbors are not black. The boys ARE (the young golfer I met the other day has an eight year-old brother), but the parents aren't. I met "Dad" yesterday when we both stepped outside to marvel at the angry storm clouds coming our way. Dad is as caucasian as I am. I don't know whether this is a foster-home arrangement or an adoption, and I didn't ask, but those two boys are NOT the fruit of his loins. Dad seems like a friendly guy and he's doing a good job with the kids. They have manners.

*Henry saw my brand-new, Starship Enterprise, warp-factor-ten carpet cleaner today. "That's nice, Rob," he said. "Who the fuck is gonna USE it?" Okay, he's known me for a while.

I'm still eyeballing that carpet cleaner and wondering...



Rob--what email addy are you using? I sent one to you at the old pigmenteer@yahoo address earlier.

Posted by: Adam on June 25, 2004 06:18 PM

"The bank agreed to pay his medical bills, but he's thinking of asking for some gravy on top."

Gravy? How about bullshit. No one deserves reparations for being a dumbass.

Posted by: Saul Krogman on June 25, 2004 06:53 PM

Yeah, but what is AGT Comm window?

Posted by: Walter E. Wallis on June 25, 2004 06:56 PM


I guess he must be white. It's OK if you're white.

Posted by: anon on June 25, 2004 08:40 PM

I happen to be black and I hate white fuckers. BLACK PANTHAS ALL THE WAY!! SAUL IS MY NIGGA!!! NIGGERS RULE! I may only be 15 but I KNOW I'M A DAMN NIGGER AND I'M PROUD! KILL WHITEY!!!

Posted by: ANON on June 25, 2004 09:28 PM

<pats Anon on the head>

That's nice. You run along home now.

Posted by: McGehee on June 25, 2004 11:41 PM

haha Warp factor ten, rob that's funny it cracked my husband who happens to love star-trek up.

Posted by: Brandy on June 26, 2004 12:37 AM
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