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June 18, 2004

it could be worse

I just thought that I was being fucked in divorce court. It could be worse. Of course, I find little comfort in the fact that someone else is getting an unlubricated hose-job more nasty than mine.

I'm still getting fucked.


There's a War on Marriage.

No sane man takes the plunge today w/o a pre-nup, post-nup and even a during-nup.

Why the hell do the queers want into this racket?

Posted by: Try The Sampler on June 18, 2004 08:19 AM

Do not get married,
Do not father children,
Do not engage in casual sexual encounters,
Do not give your real name to anyone,
Do not take a job that pays more than minimum wage,

Sit back and watch the end of civilization.

Posted by: Henry Blowfly on June 18, 2004 08:32 AM

Been there done that but I was the one who got Fucked. They always say it is the "Bloodless Cunt"-Acidman...(besides Bloodless would be great from my point of view) who gets it all. Who royally gets it in the backside. Well boys I'm here to tell you my ex was one "Bloodless Cunt" Bitch of a man. I took it from all sides including the ass with no lube, thank you!! I would like to find one, not to marry mind you just to play with, that cared about me for a change.

Posted by: Chelle on June 18, 2004 09:35 AM

Sorry boys had to get that off my chest. I have the mentality of a man anyway, must have been one in a former life. Anyway...Have a good one. ~Chelle

Posted by: Chelle on June 18, 2004 09:37 AM

Hey Chelle
No one ever said women were the only bitches around.

Posted by: James Old Guy on June 18, 2004 11:35 AM

Through divorce men get to live and fund the liberal dream. I'm paying double for some fucking wet dream of a shitbag judge. The gravy train will eventually end. It will probably be hardest on the kid, but it does have to end.

Posted by: Jim on June 18, 2004 12:03 PM

Geez . . . this page has been a tremendous education on the freakishness of family court.

I wonder what this guy's ex would do if he packed up his medical license and volunteered in the Peace Corps for the next 10 years or so. Two thirds of of the warm, fuzzy feeling of being helpful and making a difference probably just equals feeling fuzzy . . .

Posted by: Anne on June 18, 2004 03:50 PM

If it gives any comfort, imagine being in the military circa 1980, a single dad living overseas, and have your about-to-be-ex go after you in Her Majesty's Court. And be told you STILL have to pay child cupport to HER!!!???!!!??!?!??!?!

Posted by: Greywolf on June 18, 2004 09:48 PM

A Severe Strain on the Credulity

As a method of sending a missile to the higher, and even to the highest
parts of the earth's atmospheric envelope, Professor Goddard's rocket
is a practicable and therefore promising device. It is when one
considers the multiple-charge rocket as a traveler to the moon that one
begins to doubt ... for after the rocket quits our air and really
starts on its journey, its flight would be neither accelerated nor
maintained by the explosion of the charges it then might have left.
Professor Goddard, with his chair in Clark College and countenancing
of the Smithsonian Institution, does not know the relation of action to
re-action, and of the need to have something better than a vacuum
against which to react ... Of course he only seems to lack the
knowledge ladled out daily in high schools.
-- New York Times Editorial, 1920
Credit Report

Posted by: Credit Report on November 21, 2004 07:14 AM
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