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June 11, 2004

I'm a romantic

Every time I go by the battery in Charleston, I stand in front of the cannons and look out over the harbor to Fort Sumter. It's nothing but a tiny dot, like a small island, out there across the water. A flagpole against the horizon is the only thing that makes it look like a fort from that far away.

Even though I've seen it many times, I am overwhelmed by a sense of history every time I visit. On April 12, 1861, a conflict that shaped the future of this nation began, and more than 600,000 men died before it was over. The first shots were fired right there.

Nobody involved in that incident had a clue about what their actions would produce, and I often wonder what was running through the minds of the boys manning the cannons and the soldiers in the fort that day. It didn't take long for the Southern guns to pound the fort into surrender, and I'll bet that people celebrated in the streets that day.

Five years later, the South was whipped, humiliated and occupied by an invading army. Next came Reconstruction, carpetbaggers and utter contempt from the rest of the nation. We're still living with that legacy today.

Yeah. I'm a romantic. I FEEL history sometimes.



I love Charleston...

Posted by: Key on June 11, 2004 11:42 AM

I listened to an audiobook about Fort Sumter and was surprised that no one died in the battle until a powder explosion during the surrender.

Those were good and honorable men.

Posted by: shell on June 11, 2004 03:33 PM

Yup, an interesting, historical place. Rob, I presume you've seen my comments on another post, about the CSS Hunley funeral. Obviously I was too late even to talk about your being in C-town, having not seen your remarks until you'd already gone elsewhere. Nonetheless, I feel a weird attraction to SC, as my Dad's side of the family came from there. (They didn't move to GA until 1835 or so.) My Dad, as a very young apprentice furniture salesman, went to Charleston in, oh, 1934, and had to get a driver's license. He went to the Fireproof Building where they still kept all the records and issued all of the licences. Well, as it turned out, the guy behind the barred window was very old, had a long beard, was, in other words, a Confederate Veteran. When this old gent learned my Dad's first and middle names (Same as mine, and those of Miss O'Hara's first male child) he told Daddy that there would be no charge for the driver's license. I wonder if the old guy rode with my namesake, during The War?

I dunno, this is just one of the many reasons I get so hoppin' mad at Michele who can't spell her own name, and her ilk. Dammit! My people arrived in this country in sailing ships, before 1830, and yes I do think that we are better folks than the ones who showed up later (people like Albert Einstein, and Richard Feynman, and Enrico Fermi always excepted).

This country was settled, and formed, by BRITISH PROTESTANTS! Yes, I try to be tolerant to murderous superstitious papists, and crazy mohammedans, and rational, coolheaded,very smart Jews , but none of them, or even my crazy Bible-thumping brothers (Can you say Ashcroft, boys and girls?) are entitled to hold a candle for our enlightened Founders.

The United States are a very special place. It was mostly PROTESTANT hymns played at Ronnie's funerary obsequies, for a very good reason, that is, Real Men think for themselves!

P.S Pay no attention to that silly bozo California Vulgarian Presbyterian Pretend Pastor from "Bel Air" (vomit) who obtruded himself into what otherwise would have been a very sober and dignified appreciation of the passing of Mr. Reagan.

Posted by: Justthisguy on June 13, 2004 03:24 AM

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