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April 27, 2004

better late than never

Okay, I arrived at this scene about a week after other people did it, but I like the idea. I'm going to post my list of the 10 Bloggers I Pick to be Stranded with on a Desert Island. I put a lot of thought into this one.

First of all, I want a couple of survivor-types who can handle the outdoors. Yeah, I want a few tough guys who can build a fire, create a shelter and kill live animals for food. Therefore, my top picks are:

1. emperor misha. (If indigenious people live there, we will conquer them and rule with an iron fist!)

2. straight white guy. (Every group needs a good ex-Marine.)

3. dax montana. (He brings moonshining skills that will augment mine.)

4. this guy. (Just because I need someone crazier than I am on that island with me.)

5. this guy is invited, too. (Just because I need a genuine Yankee in the bunch--- for diversity.)

Okay, now I crave some wimmen. I might want to snuggle with someone soft and warm around the campfire, and those guys don't qualify for that role unless I'm in danger of freezing to death.

6. this tall, willowy blonde is my first choice. (Okay--- I'm dying to jump her bones some day, and a desert island might give me the perfect opportunity,)

7. this one, too. (I would shuck her oysters if she ever gave me the chance.)

8. I pick this one for morale officer. (I didn't make her list, but she makes mine.)

9. this one because I want to meet her in person before I die. (She's part of the original crew, from back when we were lucky to get 20 visitors a day, and want to see if she's as fiesty in person as she is on her blog.)

10. last but not least, I'm inviting this one because she looks good in boots. (Plus, she sends me a lot of flattering comments. I wonder if she has red toenails inside those boots?)

Damn! I'm going to need one more woman to even the odds if I'm on that island, too. Eleven people is a bad number. I require an even dozen

Okay, I'll take this one, too. (Now I have an even number. I am ready to be shipwrecked.)

I hope I dream about that arrangement tonight.

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