Gut Rumbles

April 02, 2004

I am tired

This old body just doesn't have the stamina it once possessed. I remember when I could run all day and party all night. I can't do that shit anymore. I have arthritis in my neck, a slipped disc in my back, no cartiledge in either one of my knees, a broken foot that is not going to heal correctly and numbness in my fingers and toes when I wake up in the morning.

I need 30 minutes and a hot shower before I can walk when I get out of bed.

Working on my book is more tiring than I thought it would be. Writing is something that I enjoy doing. But editing is drudge work. Everything foolish I ever did in my life is catching up to me now, and it's closing in fast. I think young, but my body feels old. I know which one to believe.

The mind plays tricks on you.