Gut Rumbles

March 26, 2004

my trolls

I have a couple of real assholes commenting regularly on my page. It's always been my policy NOT to delete asshole comments, but I have banned a couple of ISPs when the trolls became too obnoxious. I have two that are pushing the envelope now. I may get rid of their asses today, but I hate to do that because an ISP ban takes down a lot of innocent bystanders along with the troll.

But I'll do what I have to do.

Here's a comment where the writer disagrees with me, and I have no problem with it at all:


Are you implying that ALL black people fall into the generalizations you outlined?

Isnít that be the essence of racism? Isn't it possible, that like white people, blacks also have a percentage that succeed, work hard and achieve by today's standards.

I mean it's one thing to use a specific example of someone living up to a stereotype, but all you ever say is "blacks this and blacks that." I don't know any racial or ethnic group that be categorized with ALWAYS.

Try tempering your words and use your intelligence, you might even get people to agree with you sometimes, as opposed to getting people to kiss your ass in your comments because you are spewing the kind of retarded racist shit they LONG so much to hear.

No, darlin,' I AM NOT implying that all blacks live in Hitch Village and behave as savages at night. I spent too many years working with black people who I respect as hard workers, good fathers and middle-class strivers to EVER paint with that kind of broad brush. That's my entire point.

What I don't accept is the concept that blacks will be "victims" forever. That's what their so-called leaders preach to them, and I saw too many new hires come into the plant as AN ANGRY BLACK YOUTH, taught well by his new slavemasters, who taught him (or her) hate, suspicision and a pure reluctance to play by the rules, because they are WHITE MAN'S RULES.

That's not how you get out of Hitch Village and make something of yourself. That's how you KEEP yourself in a place such as Hitch Village. You can call that idea racist thought all you want to, but it doesn't change the facts. I refuse to deny the obvious.

I always thought it weird at work when I attempted to discipline a black person for a fuck-up on the job. The first statement I received out of his or her mouth, usually, was "You're doing this only because I'm black and you're white." Got-dam! Who ran the fucking tank over and put $10,000 worth of product in the ditch? Who didn't show up for work yesterday? Did you fuck-up or not? What does white or black have to do with this incident?

Those questions don't matter to a professional victim.

That's what chaps my ass about so many blacks today. Nothing is EVER their fault, and if you criticize their behavior, you're a racist. Man, that's the ticket to success, isn't it? That's why we still have Hitch Village in Savannah.

Call me whatever names you want. I don't care. I'm old enough now to know what I believe and I can spot bullshit from a mile away. And I see a lot of blacks deluding themselves and blaming all their failures on "the system" instead of looking in the mirror and taking personal responsibility for their actions. If that's a racist philosophy, then so be it.

I don't care where the chips fall.