Gut Rumbles

March 16, 2004

my name

I don't like my ex-wife still calling herself "Jennifer Smith." That chaps my ass. She was born a Shearouse, and when she divorced her first husband (much the way she did me-- lying, cheating and fucking around), she went to court to retrieve her maiden name.

She hasn't made that move this time, and I know why. It's because of Quinton. His last name will ALWAYS be "Smith," because he is MY SON and I will never let some long-dicked bastard living with my slut of an ex-wife adopt him. NEVER!!!! I don't give a damn who she fucks anymore, but I'll never let ANYONE change my son's name.

I'll die and go to hell first.

I come from a long line of proud and independent people. Coal miners. Hard workers. Fighters and strivers. People who always played above their weight.

I hate like hell to see that bloodless cunt still carrying my name. She has beshit it and demeaned it. A Smith would never do what she has done to the father of her child. No, she's no Smith. Just read the post below.

She's a Shearouse, through and through.