Gut Rumbles

March 15, 2004

lucky pants

I most certainly DID NOT wear my lucky pants to court today. I have blood running down both legs now from the new asshole I had ripped into me in court today. And it's not over yet. The BC is going after a 17% cut of my severance pay ON TOP of the $13,000 the judge awarded her today. I have to be back in court again tomorrrow to argue over the rest of the blood money she craves.

If she doesn't break me, the lawyers fees will, because I HAVE TO PAY BOTH SIDES. I am fucked.

I should have cut and run when I had the chance. Bejus, have mercy on my soul, because I can't take much more of this treatment. She's not going to be content until she bleeds me dry and even THEN she'll want my head on a pike so she can parade her victory.

Whatta bitch. Whatta legal system. Damn if I ain't right back to that alarm clock vs. pistol stage again, and I don't believe that this blog can save me this time. The only reason I don't blow my brains out RIGHT NOW is because that's what the BC wants and I refuse to give her that kind of satisfaction.

Just damn.