Gut Rumbles

March 09, 2004

hate mail

I'm getting a lot of crap from people who call me a spineless wimp for some of the things I've written lately. "You little, stupid, racist, cowardly bastard" is how a lot of them start, and they go downhill from there.

Well, this is a free country and everybody is entitled to an opinion.

I disagree with the trolls and the people who are threatening to come and beat my ass, but they have the right to spew their venom. I doubt that I will ever see any of them. I have emailed every one to let them know my name and address, and welcome them to my home anytime.

I was born in Harlan County, Kentucky. I spent the formative years of my life in a coal mining camp. I fought my way through school, through football and through 24 years as a supervisor in a chemical plant. One thing I learned through that experience is that you NEVER walk away from a fight. You might lose the fight, but not fighting at all leads to a worse fate.

So, if you want a piece of my ass, just come get some. See what you can tear off and haul away. There is no fence here.

Buncha pussies.