Gut Rumbles

March 08, 2004

Makes sense to me

We live in a completely absurd world today. Do you know what's the real crying shame? Most people don't even recognize absurdity anymore.

A 15-year-old freshman accused of plotting to kill classmates at Laguna Creek High School was instead planning "suicide by cop," the family's lawyer said Wednesday.

In addition, Sacramento attorney J. Jeffries Goodwin said the family plans to sue the Elk Grove Unified School District and the Sacramento County Sheriff's Department. He filed claims, which are precursors to lawsuits, seeking a total of $6 million in damages.

Lemme get this straight. A fucked-up teenager makes threats about killing classmates and the school system now owes HIM $6 million? How does that work?

I currently have a restraining order against me that says I cannot come within 500 yards of my son. I cannot contact my ex-wife in any way, shape or form, except through a lawyer. I'm having blood-money sucked out of me like a rabbit in a tick-bush. And this fucking idiot kid deserves $6 million for threatening a terrorist attack on his school?

As I said, it all makes perfect sense to me.