Gut Rumbles

March 08, 2004

i made the list

Why would someone who considers me to be a most annoying blogger put a link to me on her page? Actually, I consider the mention to be an honor.

Darlin,' if I annoy you, feel free to exit stage left and never return. I don't believe that anyone is holding a gun to your head to make you come here. My door is always open, which means that you can leave as easily as you entered. My blog is MEANT to be annoying. It is MEANT to offend the PC crowd and others with delicate sensibilities. It is MEANT to stir shit sometimes.

I use foul language and forbidden words. If you don't like my style, just go away. I'm not going to change. I don't call myself "Acidman" for nothing. I write about things some people don't want to hear. Tough shit. I have freedom of speech. I'll say what's on my mind.

And if that annoys you, just go the fuck away.