Gut Rumbles

February 29, 2004

i don't give a damn who i offend

Just read this story and tell me why the word "nigger" is still used today. Where did these people think they were? Haiti? Iraq?

METROPOLIS, Ill. (AP)--A top high school basketball team was beaten in a game that ended in an on-court brawl among fans in which a coach was hit with a bottle and five people were treated at a hospital.

I saw the news clips. There wasn't a white face in the bunch. The gym was filled with black people who went totally African at the end of the game. It was a fucking riot. I don't care whether you want to call me a racist or not, but black people cannot continue to behave as savages and be treated as free citizens in this country. We have fucking LAWS. You can't just nut-up and go nigger over a fucking basketball game. The world doesn't work that way.

But you people keep doing it, over and over, then whining about "Civil Rights." Try the word CIVIL on your goddam tongue. The root word leads to "civilized." That means obeying the law and playing by the rules. If you want to change the system, rebel against it and take your fight to court. You don't hit a coach in the head with a bottle.

Don't nigger-up and turn a high school gym into a scene right out of Haiti.

I know from reading this woman that she agrees with me. She's written before about seing such stories and hoping like hell that it wasn't a bunch of blacks running wild creating the scene.

But guess who it is almost every time, darlin? Yep. It's the niggers going crazy again. Black leaders should be outraged by such behavior and they should be preaching AGAINST IT, not encouraging it or excusing it. But I'll never live long enough to see such honesty from ANY goddam politician alive today.

I am becoming more comfortable with the word "nigger" since the 1960s. I had compassion for an oppressed people back then. But I watched them shit all over every opportunity handed to them for the last 40 years, and you know what we have now? Not a minority absorbed into our society. We just have a bunch of niggers running wild.

You can face the truth or you can run from it, but whatever the choice, it won't change a damned thing. 49% of our prison population is black. Black wimmen have a 70% illegitmate birth rate. Only one in three black men (who AREN'T in prison) has a goddam job.

No people can continue down that track and ever hope to succeed in this country. That's a fact, and I don't give a shit what Maxine Waters and Jesse Jackson have to say about it. I've seen too many other people do it.

I saw the Vietnamese refugees arrive here after the war. Half of them couldn't speak English, but they found jobs, saved their money, worked hard and made the American Dream come alive for them. Their children were all STAR students and now they have teachers, engineers, artists and businessmen rising from their ranks. They accomplished that task in ONE GENERATION and I know damn well that these people started with nothing.

I am sick and tired of listening to the niggers whine. You've had 300 years to make a go of life in this country, and you've fucked up every chance ever handed to you. Got-Dam! Don't call me a racist. ADMIT THE GODDAM FACTS.

I heard a lot of old, racist red-necks say when I was a boy, "You can take the nigger out of the jungle, but you'll never get the jungle out of the nigger."

I hated hearing such talk when I was young. But I believe that they were right, after watching history for the past 40 years of my life. Nobody who ever lived in this world EVER had as much gelt handed to them by the government as "African Americans" have and nobody has EVER pissed away their opportunities so badly. That's a fact.

Besides, how many "African Americans" ever saw Africa in their fucking lives, anyway? You don't like it here? Go back to Africa. Live with no health care, corrupt dictators, rampant AIDS and nothing but a tin roof over your head. Give up your welfare checks, your VCRs and the "racist" society that you live in now. Go back to Africa, thumb your nose at me and tell how much better life is in "the homeland."

I wish you fuckers would. The Democrats would have a heart attack, because you all vote like drones for them, but this country would be better off without you. If the truth hurts, so be it. I just call it like I see it.

Until you people change your attitude and learn to be CIVIL among yourselves, just shut the fuck up. Be a nigger if you want to, but don't criticize me for calling you one when you act that way.

Reality is a bitch, isn't it?