Gut Rumbles

February 27, 2004

i broke the law today

My lawyers won't like it, and the action may cost me dearly in the long run, but I don't care. I sent a greeting card to my son today. I haven't seen him in a month. I wanted him to know that daddy hasn't forgotten about him.

It's a simple card, just saying "I think about you every day," which I do. I enclosed a picture that I really like. It's Mama, Quinton and her dog, Fancy, having a group hug with grins all around. I've never seen a happier group in my life. I wanted to blow that picture up into a poster and hang it on a wall in the Crackerbox, but I sent it to Quinton instead.

If I get arrested for doing it, that's okay. If the cops show up and haul me off to jail in the next couple of days, I'll go peacefully. I've been to jail before. I didn't like it, but I survived. I can do it again.

And sending that card to Quinton is worth whatever price I have to pay.