Gut Rumbles

February 26, 2004

act the role

Neither Rebublicans nor Democrats liked this advice. I am not surprised.

I have advocated many times that Congress meet in the nude, so that these clowns appear just as ridiculious as they really are. But I've changed my mind. They should all be wearing Santa Claus suits and saying "HO, ho ho!" at the end of every speech.

Greenspan told Congress on Wednesday that soaring budget deficits from out-of-control entitlement programs could lead to a "very debilitating" rise in interest rates and threaten the economy in coming years.

It was not a new position for the central bank chairman, who regularly reiterates the recommendations that are essentially the same ones made by a bipartisan commission on Social Security he headed two decades ago.

Two decades. 20 fucking years. And how have our "leaders" responded? They dressed as Santa Claus, threw money to the wind and went "Ho, ho ho!" as the inevitable waited to happen. Not a single one wanting to be President today will address the issue even NOW.

Quinton would LOVE to have such a father every time he went to Wal-Mart. "Buy me THIS!" No problem, kid. You want it, it's yours. I am Santa Claus. We'll just tax the rich to pay for it.

I say "NO!" to my boy sometimes. Politicians don't do that.

There are three groups in this country that I despise, because they are willing to ruin the nation for their own self-aggrandizment. The first are those denture-clacking, Florida-living, golf-playing "Greatest Generation" members who don't give a damn about shitting all over their grandchildren as long as they collect their free pills and all the gelt they can get from government. Those selfish bastards should have the good grace to die and stay away from a ballot box forever.

Second, I despise the politicians who cater to and ass-kiss these people. Got-Dam! Learn to say "NO!" in the toy store. You are NOT Santa Claus and throwing other people's money to the wind does NOT make you "compassionate." It makes you a fucking whore. The old farts may like that act, but I don't.

Third, I reserve my utter comtempt for ANYONE who believes that government can run my life better than I can. I have pretty well fucked up my life, but I did it all on my own. I made the choices I made and I'm living with the consequences today. I can handle them, whichever way they go. But no matter WHAT HAPPENS, you'll never see ME standing before Ted Kennedy asking for another bowl of gruel. "Please, sir. Can I have some more?"

That will be the day that I die.

I am sick of a nation founded on the idea of freedom, which now believes that the Founders were all wrong and Nanny is in charge. I don't need a goddam nanny. I need a good lawyer, because of nanny-laws, but I don't need a nanny. I want my freedom.

I also despise a lot of black "leaders." They are the first ones to stand in front of Ted Kennedy and beg for more gruel. If they get the gruel, they vote for Ted. Yeah--- and slavery was abolished more than 140 years ago. Bejus on a bicycle. Just LOOK AT THE WAY THE PLANTATION WORKS today.

If you don't read this crap and puke, there is something wrong with you. Go vote for John Kerry. You can bet your sweet ass that HE can save the country.

"Can I have some more gruel, please?"

The day you beg the government for gruel and then THANK THE GOVERNMENT for your gruel is the day this nation ceases to exist as a free country. And we're almost there.

Fuck it. People are just just too goddam selfish to govern themselves.