Gut Rumbles

February 23, 2004

qood question

Quinton once asked me, "Daddy, where does the wind go when it stops blowing?" I told him that the wind never stopped-- it just blew in a different place when it went away from here. He didn't buy that bullshit answer.

"Why are the wind chimes ringing over there when they aren't ringing RIGHT HERE?"

"Just wait a minute and the wind will move," I replied. The wind did, and the other set of chimes started singing while the first set went quiet. Quinton listened for a minute, then asked, "Why has that man's flag been blowing the same way all along if the wind keeps changing?"

I saw a great metaphysical discussion about to begin, so I headed it off at the pass. "You want something to eat?"

"Yeah, daddy! I'm HUNGRY!"

So I fed him, and he forgot all about the wind. He watched a movie on the Disney Channel and fell out on the couch later under the ratty white blanket he likes so well. I tucked him in and made sure he was fast asleep.

Then I went out on the back porch and thought for a while. Exactly where DOES the wind go when it dies?