Gut Rumbles

February 23, 2004

a confession

I took drugs in Jamaica. I smoked the ganja, I took the pills and I snorted the dust. I believe that the shit fucked me up for more than a week. I spent too many years away from that stuff. But it was JAMAICA!!! What the fuck? The stuff was RIGHT THERE and it was cheap. I went for it.

If I had the whole thing to do over again, I would have stuck with the Red Stripe beer and the Appleton's Premium rum. I didn't need the rest of that shit and it damn sure didn't need me. But I hadn't tried any in 20 years. I wanted to be a hippie again. I just got fucked up.

But that crap didn't wear off right away. It screwed me up pretty good and I stayed that way for a while. I don't want any more. I'm a lot better off drunk that I am all doped to the gills. But I had to find out for myself.

Now I know. Somebody else does, too. That was a mistake, but I made it.

I regret that decision.