Gut Rumbles

February 23, 2004

same sex marriage

I have pondered this subject long and hard for the past few weeks. I believe that I have a unique perspective on the matter because of the shit-storm I'm walking into under REGULAR marriage laws.

I oppose homosexual marriage. Let's start from there.

I oppose marriage in general. It's too goddam easy to do and too goddam easy to get out of, and the man always gets fucked under Georgia state law. I'm in favor of "domestic partner" laws that allow any two people who really believe that they love each other to formalize that relationship. Marry a goddam goat if you want to. I don't care.

But once you make that decision, you should be stuck with it for a long time. No one person in that relationship should be able to say "I want out" and just get the fuck out, as easy as pie. Got-Dam! We're talking a serious commitment here and you should be bound to stick with it until every last option is explored.

Jennifer divorced me and took damn near everything I had with one fucking phone call. She moved another man into the house before the sheets got cold and I couldn't even get the sheriff to throw HIM out. I had a restraining order against me. That unemployed, dope-smoking piece of shit was welcome to sleep in my bed with my wife. I was not allowed within 500 yards of the house. But I was ordered to continue making half the house payments. Boy, that made me feel good.

So, yeah. I am all for homosexual marriage, domestic partnerships or whatever else the brain-dead courts decide. Anything is better than the totally fucked-up system we have now. If we had homosexual marriage laws or domestic partnership laws in Georgia, I probably would not be looking down the barrell of the shotgun that I'm staring at now.

"Your Honor, my bloodless cunt of a soon-to-be ex-wife took all the money, threw me out of a $250,000 home and moved another man into the house right under the nose of my eight year-old son before the sheets on the bed even got cold. She makes twice the money I make and still wants child support. She has ended my visitation with my son twice now, just because she can, with one fucking phone call. If I fart wrong JUST ONCE, she has a sheriff's deputy over to my home to be polite and serve another warrant on me. Meanwhile, she runs off to the mountains to fuck her new boyfriend on my son's birthday. (Just read the first entry on this blog)

"All I ask is fairness and justice. Can I get it here, or should I try San Francisco?"

I will not get fairness nor justice in Efffingham County. I will get fucked because I am a man. So, let the faggots marry. That'll muddy up the water.