Gut Rumbles

February 21, 2004

love and passion

I had a lot of phone calls from friends of mine today and the discussions started me thinking about the difference between love and passion. Don't ask me how my head gets where it does when I start thinking, but it'll get there all by itself.

My mama told me something today that may as well as been carved into my heart with a rusty knife, but she was correct. "Rob, you are NOT like your father and you haven't been since you turned 14 years-old." I couldn't argue.

The truth hurts sometimes.

Legally, I'm in deep divorce law shit. I don't know what I'm going to do, but it's probably NOT what my father would do in the same situation. Mama was right. I AM NOT like my father. Dad never would have married Jennifer.

I started thinking about the difference between love and passion. Passion is hot and it burns like fatlighter. The heat alone is enough to turn a young man's head.

Love is a slow, smoldering fire. It burns with a bed of coals that never go out. Passion burns fast. Love burns slowly, and it lasts long after passion is gone. Passion? Let's fuck, right now. Love? Let me feel a thrill every time I see you coming up the hill for the rest of my life. Passion? Let's fuck. Love? Sleep with me for the rest of my life and allow me to trust you more than anyone else in the world.

Want my advice? Stick with passion. Grab and get, boys. That love shit will really fuck you up in the long run.