Gut Rumbles

February 20, 2004

looks good

I should see a fine turnout for the blog-meet tomorrow. I have a lot of NON-BLOGGERS who want to come just to talk about blogging. I believe that THAT is one cool idea.

My brother is threatening to show up. too. Bejus! Get a look at the two of us together. I TOLD you people that we looked a lot alike. We might even sing some official Smith Brothers harmony for you.

I'll be sipping a pint at noon tomorrow in The Six Pence, on the corner of Bull and Oglethorpe streets right across from the Desoto Hilton hotel. It's supposed to be a sunny day in the 70's for Saturday. So far, I have no confirmed tit-flashers... just one non-blogger who promised to break his wife's jaw if she flashed ME, but the Guinness hasn't started to flow yet. These situations become very fungible once alcohol becomes involved.

Come see for yourself.