Gut Rumbles

February 20, 2004

what do you expect?

Right here is why I own a lot of guns. You would be surprised at how the handle of a .38 revolver sticking out of your back pocket tends to discourage criminals from fucking with you. I learned this simple fact from working the bars for a lot of years. Thieves want easy marks and they want the loot with as little trouble as possible.

Very few of the cowardly bastards are willing to risk their lives to take what you have. Buy a fucking gun and carry it. Let people KNOW that you're packing. See how many criminals fuck with you after that.

I stuck derringer in some asshole's face one night at 3:00 in the morning on Wright's Square, and I watched both him and his accomplice haul ass into the night as they screamed, "HE'S GOT A GUN!" If I had NOT been carrying that weapon, I might not be alive today. They intended to rob me.

The second time that kind of shit happened to me, I was walking down Factor's Walk at 3:00 AM and a big, black guy walked up to me in the alley. "What you be doing out this time of night, brother?" he asked me.

"Headed home, carrying two guitars and THIS," I replied, as I moved my coat to show him the handle of my revolver. I put my hand on the weapon. "If you want to see the business end, I'll show it to you right here. Otherwise, I suggest that you get your ass out of my face and out of my alley right now. Are you thinking about robbing me? Go ahead. One more dead nigger in the street don't mean shit to me. Do you want to see if it's loaded? Make your move."

He decided to walk away. He made a damn good decision.

Criminals go for easy prey. That's why I am all for EVERY CITIZEN carrrying a firearm. Criminals prey on the weak, the fearful and the road-kill they can scoop up from this side of the highway like the fucking buzzards they are. Let them know that you won't lay down for them and they tend to leave you alone. Just ask one in an alley. "Are you willing to risk your life to rob me?" See what he decides right away.

I carry a gun because I don't put up with that kind of shit. And I don't put up with that kind of shit because I carry a gun. Usually, all I have to show the thug is the handle. That's enough. But if he wants more, he'll get it. I can put four in his chest before he knows what hit him. Then I'll rob HIM and call 911 to pick up his dead ass in the alley.

I've walked the streets of Savanah for many years, and I've never been robbed. But I walk armed.