Gut Rumbles

February 14, 2004

thinking about sin

I'm not a big anti-sin guy. In fact, I had some of the best times in my life doing "sinful" things. But there is one sin that a person should commit under no circumstances whatsoever.

That is is betrayal of trust. People who behave that way don't do it just occassionally. That's the way they operate their entire lives. I don't know what it's like to grow up without a conscience.

But I damned sure married a woman built that way. I wonder what streamrolling trap is waiting for me Monday. You can bet your sweet ass that Jennifer has it all laid out in a neat, gutless row. It's just one more case of betrayal. Just another day at work, doing what she's good at. Stiffed me on visitation this weekend and probably has it figured out how to stiff me every weekend, from now own. And this fucking will cost me money, too, just wait and see.

I wish to hell that I never had met that woman.


boo fucking hoo. get over it and move on. Sheesh this blog has shit the bed.

Posted by: Dirk on February 14, 2004 01:03 AM

Be careful Rob the stress could damage your health it could even bring on the cancer again. Telephone your brother not only can he help you legally he will be a comfort to you emotionally and help you with this load do look after yourself. I'm glad you decide to become a pet owner and that you have your puppy for company.

Posted by: Jenny on February 14, 2004 01:27 AM

"But there is one sin that a person should commit under no circumstances whatsoever.
That is is betrayal of trust."

Yes! Unintended irony is a wonderful literary device! Bwahahahahaa!!!

Perhaps there is one person in your life who trusted you enough to stay sober so he could spend time with you. I'm sure he won't feel betrayed when you get a chance to explain to him what a VICTIM you are.

Perhaps he trusted you to put your "I do it MY way" *gag* ego aside long enough to let him enjoy your company, toss a football, shoot the breeze about good dogs and fat fish.

Perhaps he trusted you not to jeopardize your relationship with him by posting EVERY FUCKING DETAIL of your sorry ass life on the INTERNET.

Can't feel sorry for you, but there's plenty of wimmen apparently ready to give you a pity fuck, you poor misunderstood VICTIM. Hope that's enough to see you through.

Oh, I'm sorry! You only want to hear the truth about your dick...

Posted by: Fo'Real on February 14, 2004 08:04 AM

Wow. Now here's a shocker.

Funny that after two weeks of incoherent babble about your sex life, your drinking and yourr drug use she might have decided it wasn't in your sons best interests to be within ten miles of you. As you so eloquently put it, she probably *is* out getting some 'dick' -- but I bet she won't be writing about it and attaching a convenient URL so the judge can read all about it. She may even have a drink or two and smoke a joint, but if she does, I bet she won't announce it to the world. Has the thought ever entered your drig addle little brain that your son is old enough to read every word you write and may not want to learn the man he worships is a whiny doper?

You posts have ranged from how depressed you are to how drugged up you are -- mixed in with posts about how well armed you are. Lovely combination: drunk, drugged, armed and depressed. Yeah, you must be stunned she scooped that kid up and got him out of your reach.

Look at the upside. Now you can feel like a victim and justify the continuation of your binge. Hell, you lost another woman (funny how this keeps happening) and now your son -- what do you have to lose? Knock yourself out, buddy. It's nice when a plan falls into place and you have calculated this from the jump.

Posted by: Astounded on February 14, 2004 09:22 AM

You like to pull one wing of a horsefly and watch it spin in circles, don't You. "Astonishced?"

You sick fuck.

Posted by: Acidman on February 14, 2004 10:39 AM

Not at all and as far as being sick, I don't see mysel