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February 11, 2004

sit down and shut up

The data is available. read this. Then tell me breast cancer isn't a political disease.

Breast cancer and prostate cancer are the two most frequently diagnosed cancers in the United States. How do they fare in government supported cancer research funding? In 1998 there were 184,500 new cases of breast cancer and 178,700 new cases of prostate cancer - almost identical. Deaths in 1998 were 43,500 for breast cancer and 39,200 for prostate cancer - within 10% of each other. However, funding for the National Cancer Institute was vastly different - $433 million for breast cancer compared to $114 million for prostate cancer.
This works out to about $10,000 per breast cancer death but only $2,900 for each prostate cancer death - a difference of 71%. On a per patient basis, the disparity is even greater; breast cancer received $2,400 per newly diagnosed patient while prostate cancer received only $600. That's 75% less.

Obviously, tits are more important than testicles.

For those who DON'T know, there is a prostatate test a lot like a mamogram. It's called a PSA and a finger-wave. I got the alert on my posssible cancer from the PSA test, where I scored a 3.1 where my maximum at my age should have been 2.5. I had the finger-wave and the doctor found nothing wrong. He suggested a prostate biopsy.

I had one. And that's while I'll tell every whiningbitch crybababy in the world to kisss my Cracker ass. I don't wish cancer on anybody, but you just try the tit-vs-prostate route and talk to me about evil cancer. That motherfucker will lay you low for a month, and THEN you have to figure out about what to do about the cancer.

I have no personal grudge here. I watched my father and my best friend die terribly from that disease. I thought the same thing might happen to me, too, and my ex-wife never even called medical about the PSA scores. She didn't give a shit. She was busy getting fucked at the time. The only thing she asked me on the day I had my surgery was did I have a check to cover the credit card balace. I still don't understand what happened back then, but I'm still standing. That's more than she can say, that belly-crawling cunt.

I wish I had my dick back. I wish that I never had prostate cancer. I wish that I had never met Jennifer. I wish Dragonfly understood me better.

Sometimes, it's just better to never have it at all than to have it and lose it all at once at an early age. I didn't believe that 48 was old. Go through the procedure at that age and understand one fact reallly quickly. That shit hurts and it hurts hard. I've been there, done that, and listened to all the shit you 28 year-old fucks have to say about it. Walk in my shoes, then get back with me, assholes. That's the roughest thing I've ever done.

I don't believe that I'll ever recover from that experience. Combine that prostate cancer with an ex-wife who attempted to be setting an adultery record at the same time, and you may get a glimpse of my view. And if you don't, take a good, long gaze up my Cracker ass. You ain't going to see anything THERE, either, you blind buttfuck.

I never would have done to Jennifer what she did to me. I never would have done that shit to ANYBODY, let alone my spouse, the woman I loved and the mother of my son. But other people don't think the same way.

She did it all and still wonders why we can't be "friends.? "Well, you fucking Mark the way you did in front of all my friends didn't help the cause. And when my brother called me after a concert asking what is that bastard doing crawling all over you, and you lie your ass off to his face, that's no big deal, either?" It's just getting what you want.? Just how fuking much is that worth?

You got yours, cunt. Just what you wanted. I hope you love it forever, you spineless bitch. If I were you. I couldn't look in the mirror in the morning. But being a bloodless cunt never bothers you. You'll see "pretty." Good for you.

I know what I SEE when I look at you. "Pretty" doesn't enter that fucking mirror. I see you from the inside out.

There's nothing but ugly there.


Rob, I thought we had made our peace. Offline, in private. If you have unresolved business with me ("I wish Dragonfly understood me better"), I'm asking you *as your friend* to PLEASE address it with me OFFLINE rather than in public.

Posted by: dragonfly jenny on February 11, 2004 02:19 P