Gut Rumbles

January 20, 2004

i'm still not saying

The mystery companion who accompanied me to Jamacia will remain nameless on this blog. I do not wish to ruin her sterling reputation by addmitting an affiliation with me. She blogged about it, and a few other people know, but you won't hear it from me.

I certainly am not ashamed. She was beautiful to gaze upon and she made excellent arm candy. She charmed the locals and even had a "Rent a Rasta" make her an offer for jungle sex. I believe that she turned him down for fear that I might take her picture without her permision. She gets upset about that.

If you cn igure out whi it was, all the more power to you. But Iain't sayng.


"If you cn igure out whi it was, all the more power to you. But Iain't sayng."

Hay Suess.

That weed must have been industrial strength. The kind that keeps on giving day after day.

Posted by: rightisright on January 20, 2004 06:12 PM

Those damn letters on the keyboard are still swimming around, aren't they?

Posted by: ironic1 on January 20, 2004 07:21 PM

Well, you just gave away that she's a blogger, dude.

Posted by: Da Goddess on January 20, 2004 07:33 PM

If she's a blogger, then you owe it to her to put a link in your post!
(*Inquiring minds want to know!*)

Posted by: DogsDon'tPurr on January 20, 2004 07:50 PM

Not only said she was a blogger........BUT....that she had "blogged about it". That should be enough of a kernal for someone with time on hand and not much to do with that time to ferret that intel
out of the bloggy-woggy woods.

I nearly killed myself three weeks ago, but now I have something to live for!

Also, she has that "don't steal my essential self with that evil spirit sucking camera" syndrome.
That makes two clues !
I think an award would be in order for the person finding this dish!

Posted by: wes jackson on January 20, 2004 07:57 PM

Oh fer Pete's sake.
It took me about 40 seconds to find out who it was....
Four mouse clicks. One I clicked by accident, so three clicks, really.

Posted by: Stevie on January 20, 2004 08:03 PM

I didn't even have to click around... I knew by his reference to having her fire dance on the beach at night in his previous post. Heh.

Posted by: ironic1 on January 20, 2004 08:08 PM

Vrey Clasesy!

Posted by: Sam on January 20, 2004 11:23 PM

Seeee Paancho...............I tole you so!

Posted by: wes jackson on January 20, 2004 11:26 PM

If it's such a secret, why are you blogging so publicly about it? Making public thank you's such as the post below this one is hardly "this is private"'s "I had a companion and I want the fucking world to know about it, so there".

Posted by: Jane on January 21, 2004 09:37 AM

I agree with Dogman. You are depriving her of a much-earned link.

Anyone who can stand you for a week deserves that much and more. ; )

Posted by: Key on January 21, 2004 12:54 PM

I hate to break this to you but even I was able to figure it out so it can't be that hard.

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