Gut Rumbles

November 20, 2003


I spent most of the afternoon perusing the contents of a big, fat envelope I received by certified mail today. I still haven't examined every bit of it in detail, but I damn sure like what I see so far.

I believe that Acidman is about to retire, officially and forever.


Uh, glad you're alive.

While the cat was away, the mice played (in your comment section).

Congrats on the retirement package. I like the idea of you being a full-time writer.

Posted by: Key on November 20, 2003 06:08 PM

Congratulations. Are you going to let a lawyer see it before you sign on all the bottom lines? Best Wishes.

Posted by: Ms Anna on November 20, 2003 06:26 PM

I am so envious! How I wish I could retire - but my Sprint 401 K dissolved into nothing when the bottom fell out of the telecommunications industry. I'm just happy to have a great job now (not with Sprint!)

I'll probably have to wait until age 75 to retire, if then.

lucky dog!

Posted by: Beth Donovan on November 20, 2003 06:30 PM

Congratulations! You've achieved what I want to do, retire before you're 60.

Now you can do what's important to *you*.

Posted by: Jack on November 20, 2003 07:27 PM

Whoa, whoa, whoa. Back the truck up. Is "Acidman" gonna retire or is "Rob Smith" gonna retire?

Posted by: Ralph Gizzip on November 20, 2003 07:29 PM

Rob Smith, methinks. A-Man woldn't dare retire, as too many people know where to find him, so he'd be lynched !!

Posted by: MommaBear on November 20, 2003 07:38 PM

As a greedy capitalist CEO who grows fat off the sweat of his employees, I strongly suggest that you get a lawyer to look this package over. Also, it wouldn't hurt to request the most recent copy of the Employee Benefits manual, and maybe the version they gave out when you were hired (if they had one). Wouldn't take no time on your part, and you have to live with this forever.

Posted by: Steve Chamberlain on November 20, 2003 07:51 PM

Steve, I have until January 5th of next year to check it all out.

I WILL do that.

Posted by: Acidman on November 20, 2003 08:14 PM


The box that arrives for you tomorrow ought to help with your celebrations of the envelope you received today.

Enjoy, and.....*cheers!*

Sloop New Dawn
Galveston, TX

Posted by: Jim on November 20, 2003 08:28 PM

Did I mention Mr. Lion's Stupid-Fast car emporium has a retiree special on this week? ;)

Congrats. Enjoy it, you've earned it.

Posted by: Mr. Lion on November 20, 2003 09:21 PM

I'm guessing that you got a missive from Xmar Mahatamo from Peru that is asking for your help in getting $50 million out of the country?

Posted by: bogie on November 21, 2003 05:37 AM

Yeah, Bogie! And he's going to give me $12 million for my help! I'm gonna be RICH, man!

Posted by: Acidman on November 21, 2003 07:59 AM

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