Gut Rumbles

November 14, 2003


Donnie has a good idea, but it's really pretty evil. Son, you KNOW that those Colorado lightweights couldn't hang with Jawja bloggers when it comes to drinking.

Shit. One slash of dax Montana's north jawja brandy would kill their delicate asses. They ain't used to it, and they ain't built to digest THAT shit. Good moonshine would knock them right out.

It might be fun to go there and drink them all under their own tables...


LOL, Pappy, I'm not yet convinced that I am built to digest that particular brand. It was smooth as hell going down, but Lord, if it can put a heartburn on me after two years of Prilosec, that's some bad shit.

This would have been a great night to have you & Recondo32 drinking with me, I swear I've never seen so many yuppies in a Mexican bar before.

- D

Posted by: Donnie on November 14, 2003 06:33 PM

I remember the white lightning that came out of the still in the back barn at the farm in western Tennessee where I spent my childhood summers. Not only did it ease the pain from picking the cotton left behind by the mechanical picker, but it made a mighty fine disinfectant, too!!!

Posted by: Jack on November 14, 2003 11:39 PM

I'll have to get you some of that Brandy. Just Damn! that shit is smooth.

Posted by: Dax Montana on November 15, 2003 06:33 AM
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